Patch 4.0A

Welcome in Pre-Season, short 3 weeks season to balance a battle potential 
in game will be avaible only war events and hinkley. You will start with full character 250 level with all implants, books, class perk. War Events will start every 2 hours, even when you late you can join anytime.

I BURST Dev team

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New Classes

3 New Classes and 1 old but with huge rework


Character balance changes

-HP now dynamically scales with Endurance
-Changed Hit Points Formula to:
-100 HP base, +ST, + Perks, +1 hp per 3 levels per 1EN(up to 24) which means that every 1 EN = 8 hp
-Knockout does not scale with target maximum AP anymore. It now lasts a random 15-85 AP(5-65 with quick recovery), this time (AP) is reduced by victim's Agility.
-Pyromaniac doesn't give flat damage anymore, it now scales with weapon damage for 30% extra fire damage
-Added New Skill Crafting - improves crafted item quality and unlocks items to be crafted in fixboy, Basic Cap: 150%
-Added New Skill Learning - reaching 200% in this skill and reading a specific skill book increases the Skill cap of that skill by 10%
-Changed Damage of Melee Attacks from 100% Melee Damage to 50%
-Changed Radiation Penalties (per 5%) to: -10 healing rate, -5 sequence, -1CH, -1EN, -1AG, -1PE, -1ST, -10 CC, -1 special, -3 DR, -3 DT, -5 DR, -1 special, -25% HP, CC to 1, 0 healing rate, -50% AP, -1 special, ALL DR, HP set to 1.
-Damage multiplier percentages are now applied cumulatively instead of consecutively. This is a huge difference! Previous damage percentage calculations were done (dmg * multiplier * multiplier), but now calculations are done (dmg * (sum of all multipliers))

-Added Attack Speed - determines how fast Character can attack/attack animation time takes

1% per Sequence capped at 100
1% per Agility
5% for Fast Shot
30% for Cowboy
15% for Cowboy+Earlier Sequence+Weapon Handling+Quick Pockets combo
5% for each Bonus Attack Speed weapon perk
5% each Claw Implant


STATBonus 1Bonus 2Bonus 3Bonus 4Bonus 5Bonus 6Bonus 7Bonus 8
Strength5% more Carry Weight(3% with Small Frame)1 Throwing Range (5 being base now)2 Melee Damage20% decrease in accuracy for each missing point up to weapon requirements5% chance to knockdown target with heavy handed attacks10% Arms cripple resitance8% knockdown resistance from explosives and shotguns(when using Stonewall)15% weapon drop resistance(when using Iron Grip)
Perception3 sight range10% to hit bonus1% better sneak detect2 SequenceDetect Traps effectivenessbreaking weapons reduced -1%Target Armor Class decreased by 5 per pointBetter encounter position
Endurance1 Healing Rate5 Poison Resitance.2 RAD resitance.6% heal from healing rate0.1% Damage Reduction1 Explosive DT7% knockout resitance(when using stonewall)1 hp per 3 lvls up to level 24
Charisma10 Party Points1% More damage to NPCs1% damage Reduction from NPCs0,2 PvE perk per 5 levels after 55level2% more expierience2% faster moving on world map0,25 special implant limit(not working on cyborgs)0,1 combat implant limit(not working on cyborgs)
Inteligence3 Skill points per level(1 if gifted)-1% max Skill Caps-1% Slow Effect protection-1 extra Skill Point from reading books-3% more Experience earned on worn gear-1 less second to respawn-1% more chance to get materials from dismantling items1 Flat Damage
Agility-0,33 Action point(1AP for 3 Agility) (rounding to closest divisible number by 3, example 8 AG will give 3 AP because its closer to 9 than 6)-0,25 Action point for turnbased combat3 Armor Class5 Armor Class Cap1% Attack Speed-shortens Knockout by 1 Action Point-1% to repeat tick effect1 sequence when using one handed weapon
Luck1% critical chance1 critical power4% to avoid poison from monsters5% legs cripl resitance4% bonus critical chance from aimed 10% more expierience in crafted gear1% less break Armor

Added Master Ability for reach 20 S.P.E.C.I.A.L:

-ST - 25% Critical Hit Chance and Crit Power Resistance
-PE - 25% Extra Critical Power
-EN - 5% Damage Reduction
-CH - 50 Hit Points
-IN - Immunity to Electro Damage
-AG - 10% more Action Points
-LK - 25% of your damage is converted to Flat


Added new PvE Perks:
-Traveller(25 ranks) - increase chance to catch a special encounter by 0.1%
-Quick Dodger(25 ranks) - decrease chance to hit for NPC by 2%
-Merciless Hunter(25 ranks) - increase chance to catch random encounters by 5%
-Trader(25 ranks) - increase the value of sold items by 1%
-Brute(25 ranks) - increase critical chance against NPCs by 1%
-Scrounger(25 ranks) - increase chance to find rare loot in infinity dungeon or vault tec cases by 0.1%
-Desert Hunter(25 ranks) - Deal %1 extra damage against Geckos, Floaters, Centaurs, Deathclaws, Brahmins, Rats, Mantis, Aliens NPCs
-Commander(25 ranks) - increase damage of NPC followers by 3% against NPCs
-Repairboy(10 Ranks) - reduce 1% of max condition lose while repairing
-Tactical Actor(25 Ranks) - 1 second extra to spend in turnbased combat
-Base Cleaner(25 Ranks) - increase 25% of Carry Weight in bases/tents
-Miner(25 Ranks) - 4% chance to get double ores from mining

Implants Changes:
-3rd tier of Phoenix: +25% Fire Damage
-3rd tier of Aggressive: +40 Critical Power
-Base of Dragon: 5% critical chance
-2nd tier of Dragon: +1 AP
-3rd tier of Dragon: upgrades critical effects(5%)(longer KO, double cripple, more damage when death effect etc)
-Base of Claw: 5% Attack Speed
-Base of Tiger: 10 Melee Damage
-2nd tier of Tiger: 10% movement Speed
-3rd tier of Tiger: Critical tier up

Added to game Perk Synergies:
-Bonus HtH Damage + Bonus HtH Attacks = 25% Bonus Movement Speed
-Action Boy + Bonus Move + Gain Agility = 10% bonus AP
-Adrenaline Rush + 2x Toughness = +8% explosive DR
-2x Bonus Ranged Damage + More Ranged Damage = 1 more bullet in each burst
-Bonus Rate of Fire + Gain Charisma + Gain Inteligence = -1 AP cost while attacking
-Dodger + Dodger+ + HtH Evade + HtH Evade+ + Livewire = 50 bonus armor class cap
-Earlier Sequence + Weapon Handling + Quick Pockets + Cowboy = 15% bonus Attack Speed
-More Criticals + Even More Criticals + Gain Luck = 10 bonus flat Critical Power
-Gain Endurance + Faster Healing = 25% bonus Healing Rate
-Gain Perception + Silent Running + Ghost + Silent Death = 100 bonus Stealth
-Gain Strength + In Your Face + Better HtH Criticals = 5 bonus ST in Heavy Handed Calculation
-Healer, Medic, Living Anatomy = Healing a Target also Heals you for 50%
-Heave Ho! + Sharpshotter = 5 Bonus Throwing Range and 5 Bonus Ranged Range
-Iron Grip, Man of Steel, Stonewall, Quick Recovery = 30% Critical Chance and Power Resistance
-3x Lifegiver = 5 bonus Damage Reduction
-2x Pyromaniac = Plasma Damage Converted to Fire

Reworked Heavy Handed:
-Added Perk Smasher which gives 5 ST in Heavy Handed calculation
-Power Fist weapon family doesnt have natural Heavy Handed mod
-changed perks for boxing gloves: knockback, smasher, life steal
-changed perks for brass knuckless: knockback, smasher, life steal
-changed perks for spiked knuckless: more critical, more critical, smasher
-changed perks for power fist: smasher, fast trigger, life steal
-changed perks for mega power fist: smasher, smasher, fast trigger
-changed roll for knockdown: 1-40 must be less than total heavy handed bonus(ST+Perks+soldier-heavy stonewall+sygnergy)
-added roll for drain 1 AP: 1-30 must be less than total heavy handed bonus(ST+Perks+soldier-heavy stonewall+sygnergy)
-added roll for 3% slow: 1-20 must be less than total heavy handed bonus(ST+Perks+soldier-heavy stonewall+sygnergy)


-Added ingame config
-Added ~reroll feature to reroll character without deleting
-Added ~pve command to fast adding PvE Perks
-Disabled deleting character
-Heart doesnt give flat 20 HP anymore
-Bruiser now gives +1 Melee Damage from each Melee Damage source
-Added New Perk Cowboy: +30% Attack Speed when using one handed weapons
-Cowboy Requirements: level 6 and at least 10 Agility
-Merged Lockpick and Steal Skills to Robbery
-Merged Gambling and Barter Skills
-First Aid skill above 200% doesn't change CD or healing values but now decreases chance to get critical failure
-Barter skill cap starts at 150, hard capped after learning improvements at 300%
-Skills you can't improve with learning: Speech, Engineering, Sneak, Learning
-Books can't increase above 150% of skill
-Base book SP its 3 + INT
-Bruiser, Gifted can now go above 10 special at Character Creation
-Small Frame now gives +1 AP instead of 1 Agility

-Removed HtH More Criticals Perk
-Added showing currency(most have) in dialog screen
-First Aid above 200% doesnt reduce CD and doesnt increase Heal
-First Aid failure and healing amount doesn't happen based on luck any more, now it is about skill. Healing amount is maximum 200 (400 Priest). Failure roll is 1-450, and must be less than First Aid skill to succeed, (1-250 if living anatomy)
-Deathclaw doesn't get bonus DR on head
-Barter Reworked 10% base cost when selling increase 0,3% per point by barter skill. 130% base cost when buying is decreased 0,1% per point
-You can barter on overweight and oversized transactions now
-Upgrade parts from decrafting can drop only from tier 3 and 4 weapons and armors
-Added fast decrafting in inventory, just hold alt and click on item
-Added command ~travel to enable safe traveling without popup encounter information, only forced and special encounter happen

-Changed poison formula to 200 damage - poison res x 2 + 3% max HP
-Changed Critical Table
-Added critical effect AP Drain(drain 2-4 AP from target)
-Critical Effects can additionally now be taken from lower tiers
-Damage Multiplier effect can always randomly lower by up to 15%, example in the table it says 115% so it's really 100-115%, also Damage Multiplier effect sums with other perk multipliers
-Added critical effect Weapon Destruction(force weapon destroy effect(losing con))
-Every Class has its own color


Changed list of perks for ranged weapons(in random roll and level 4):

-Bonus Ranged Damage
-Bonus Damage
-Bonus Attack
-Better Critical
-Fast Trigger
-Ammo Upgrade
-Long Range
-Chip Shot
-More Critical
-killing spree

Changed list of perks for Melee weapons(in random roll and level 4):
-Bonus Damage
-Bonus Attack
-Life Steal
-Better Critical
-Fast Trigger
-Bonus Rate of Fire
-Frozen Queen
-Chip Shot
-More Critical
-killing spree