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Patch 2.0

Welcome in season two! Prepare for twice more fun, twice more content, twice more events, twice more everything! Server gonna officialy start at 6 PM 22/02/2020, in changelog you will find fresh features and most important changes since Patch 1.0, if you didn't follow all changes we prepared for you list of all patches.

I BURST Dev team

Classes in FOnline 3

Choose 1 from 10 classes, all have diffrent used in many character builds



Name Benefit Penalty
Bloody Mess+2 action Points after kill-20 to all starting Skills
Bonehead -1 roll bracket on head-2 to Intelligence
Bruiser+4 to Strength, doubled base melee damage-10% Speedboost .
Chem Resistant2x drug timer, can take up to 10 drugs you can become Addicted
Fast Metabolism+10 Healing rate, -10 seconds of Healing rate CDhalved duration of drug effects, starting RAD/poison Resistance is 0
Fast Shot-1 to AP cost of single shots (one-handed weapons);
-2 to AP cost of single shots (two-handed weapons);
Firing Aimed Attacks becomes impossible
-35 to critical hit tables.
Finesse+15% to Critical Chance+30% to your targets' DR
Good Natured50 additional party points. having slaves becomes impossible.
Heavy Handed HtH attacks always knock down your opponent.-20 to critical hit tables.
Jinxed your enemies have more critical failures you have more critical failures
Kamikaze+15% more damage -10 to DR
Loner +10% to any experience points gainedhaving NPC followers becomes impossible
One Hander+25% to damage when using single-handed weapons. -40% to chance to hit when using two-handed weapons.
Small Frame+1 to Agilitysignificantly reduced carry weight capacity
Giftedyou gain +1 to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L you get much less Skill Points
CannibalCan eat humans parts of body also obain them from humanoidcan't take regular drugs and meds

Cannibal's food

+ 7 normal Damage Threshold
-125 current hp when "drug" out

+ 20 max Hit points
-125 current hp when "drug" out

+5% movement speed, + 3 INT
-125 current hp when "drug" out

+ 3 PE
-125 current hp when "drug" out

2 action points
-125 current hp when "drug" out

heal 60 Hit points
then it heals again 40 HP


Van Graffs are here. And as our family is famous to be one of the most powerful ones in Reno, we want to assure you that our stock is well known for its uniqueness and quality. Hundreds of happy wastelanders choose Van Graffs. Let us introduce our specials.

Introducing: Needler pistol

Getting mad because of overgrown jocks speaking about sizes matter? Well, why don't you shut their stinky mouths with this little guy? This small pistol can cause a lot of troubles for all sorts of scums. With different ammo types this little bugger can now poison your enemies to death, heal your friends and tear enemies' armors to pieces!

Go with our brand new needler pistol! Needler pistol - for people with no complexity problems.

Introducing: Plasma SMG

Alright, alright boys and girls. We know about your love for energy. And we are happy to please you with our brand new invention that can make every energy fan scream in happiness - P94-S also known as Plasma SMG! Forget about heavy Gatlings, because now you have this very compact and comfy submachine. Melt your enemies with comfort, go with plasma SMG!

Introducing: Rad-o-rocket

We live in the era of neverending War! So why don't you commit just another war crime or two? With Rad-orocket you are now in charge of causing some local nuclear radioactive disaster. Rocket launchers have never been such fun to shoot from until now! Give your enemies a fine radiation sickness with our radioactive weaponry!

Introducing: Laser spear

Are you a great fan of the entire tribal theme? Do you like spears and bats? Well we do as well! But unfortunately a simple spear nowadays is nothing against some jerks in combat armors and big-ass weapons. But here we come with a fine solution - Laser Spear. As hot as a microwave owen combined with California beach girls in one to cut through your enemies as a knife through butter.

Go with Laser Spear! Laser Spear - let the origins be deadly.

-Added new T4 Ammo: Eletric fusion Cells, Healing needler ammo
-MFC and SEC got armor DR mod: 5 and 3
-Added new blueprints
-Changed items pools
-Changed crafting
-Added a new game item - NSA security card which is needed to gain access in some specific places. 
-Gramophone added. Now you can play music on it using vinyl records.
-Changed weapons stats:
P90 damage to 15-30 , rounds to 10, max ammo count to 50
Plasma pistol(ext cap) damage to 25-90
Magneto Laser pistol damage to 1-100
alien blaster damage to 30-120 and max range to 6
m16 max range to 48 for single, 40 for burst
M79 Grenade Launcher damage to 40-80 and max range to 20
HK CAWS damage to 20-30
Pancor Jackhammer damage to 10-20. bullet burst rounds to 10
Shotgun Dragon Breath Shells AC mod to 20

War Event

-Spawns are closed location where enemy can't get in
-On spawn there is officer where you can:
+return to battle,
+buy some gear(Weapon, ammo, drugs or T4)
+Leave Event
-fixed mutant and sneak issue
-winners finish event near NCR instead Hub
-on death you get caps depends on enemy points(you can echange them with officer)
-added Unity to war event
-changed BCD outpost map

Lost Signal

Added 7 special events on worldmap:
-Super Mutant bunker
-Enclave Base
-Monster Tanker
-Crashed Vertibird
-Crashed Train
-Crashed Hummer
-Crashed Police Car
Added many special encounters 

Added faction Settlement system:

1.Location its public
2.There is locked area only for faction members
3.Trader who spawning gear and rare items depends on Caravan's crews
4.Settlement manager who can:
A. recruit workers, guards, Caravan Crews
B. Upgrading: Advanced Workbench 500k caps, Medical Terminal 1kk, T4 Machinery 30kk
C. Checking settlements status
D. He is getting Settlement 5000 caps income plus depends on workers
E. Payout income
5.Guards(max 25)
A. Can be recruited with leather armor, Metal Armor(25k), Desert Combat Armor(50k), Power Armor(500k), Advanced Power Armor(1kk)
B. Can be recruited with level, tier 1(5 level, 100k), tier 2(15 level, 150k), tier 3(30 level, 250k), tier 4(50 level, 500k)
C. Guards need your weapon and ammo, they are not lootble but you most provide him ammo.
D. You can level up guards, cost its guard_level * 5000.
E. He takes 500 caps from your income
F. You can fire him from job

6.Caravaner(max 30) :

A. he takes 5000 caps from your income
B. increase trader spawns(including caps),
C. decrease trader barter(better prices for you)
D. increase chance for rare loot(chances on wiki)
E. recruit cost is 150k
F. You can fire him from job
7. Worker(max 30)
A. increase income for 1000 caps.
B. cost 200k and 400 wood(he must alive outside your settlement
C. if worker its dead you not getting income but he will respawn
8. Income and trader items refreshing every 1 hour
9. when you run out of caps, your base its deleted

Poseidon Oil Rig

Its Exclusive end game dungeon, to get there you need a Vertibird, one way to get it, its buy a broken one for big amount of caps then repair it with 5 very rare parts.

Dungeon have few stages:
Step 1: get to Reactor room
Step 2: hack reactor and defeat a waves of enemies
Step 3: get to Boss room
Step 4: Defeat Frank Horrigan
Step 5: puzzle room
Step 6: escape with loot


-Changed Critical Hit Table 
-rollback classic bases
-companions/slaves/merc dmg changed when shotting players (25%/50%/75%)
-companions/slaves can't aim at all
-unlocked speedboost for npcs
-trade events are more rare
-trade event gives more information about selling item
-modoc merged with ghost farm
-added dynamic light feature
-"noob protection" changed to 15 level
-changed TC zones in Modoc and Broken Hills
-added blood drops after getting hit
-Base Control Spawning T3 gear and T4 parts now
-added new scores points in pipboy
-Added a new quest in Den.
-Added a new quest in Salt Lake City.
-Weffer ( Black market ) now has a bigger stock. He was also moved to Vegas details are described in the game )
-Vegas is getting ready to close the Strip. Enjoy your last moments of free pass.
-TalChem dungeon was slightly changed. Now it is extremely toxic and require a gas mask.
-added faction management commands: ~invite player*name and ~accept factionID
-command ~factioninfo showing now faction's IDs

New Content:

1) Added a new location: Wind of War. Consists of 5 points of interest.
-Wind of War settlement
-Wind of War settlement's basement
-Vault 41
-Radio Wastelande
-NSA listening post "Alpha"

New quests for Wind of War

-"Cigarettes for Jerry" - a local guardsman Jerry asks you for supplying him with cigs.
-"Rusty coffin" - it seems like a local mechanic has some certain problems with bringing the old city liner bus back to life.
-"Missing bot" - local engineer Foxlove lost his robot. It's time for you to search for it around.
-"Think about nature" ( repeatable quest ) - Glory asks you to go through a very dangerous adventure. However she promises you some fine cash for it.
-"A simple job" - be a good buddy for Duke and complete his small affair.
-"Dealing with past" - help Alice to deal with her past.

Wind of War specials

-Radio terminal now contains "AchiveIT" program.
-NSA listening post now gives special NSA security cards.

2) Salt Lake City extanded. 3 points on interest added:

-Hospital of Mercy
-City outskirts

3) Van Graffs are here. There shop is added in New Reno east side.

Changes for New California Republic:

-During Taxes Day event loot will now spawn in armory lockers. The event will take place on Fridays every 2-3 weeks.
-Advanced workbench is added to Fort Seth. ( Not available during the beginning of S2 )
-Doctor is added to Fort Seth.
-Salary system. Now soldiers can get payment for their service. However no payment will be paid for those, who violate NCR laws/codex or consider being extremely aggressive towards civils and neutral wastelanders.

Changes for Enclave:

-Gate guard is added to [ REDACTED ]
-Doctor is added to [ REDACTED ]
-Quartermaster is added to [ REDACTED ] ( Won't be available during the S2 start ) 

New Bases for everyone!