Download Game Client

I.Y.G.W.P. GUIDE! ( Install Your Game Without Problems )

HEY YOU! Yes, we are talking to YOU now. Do NOT skip this tutorial, please! Not only because our Vault Tec scientists wasted the entire budget of their department on it, but also because it is VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU! This guide will help you to install our clients without any problems, so you won't need to send your stupid questions to us. Now as we got your attention lets switch to the guide itself!

To install your game, please follow these basic STEPS:
STEP 1: Download the game links below:

bootstrap themes

Version Full

We HIGHLY SUGGEST you downloading the Full client.

Version Full

You will need to have a valid copy of original Fallout 2 game,

PLEASE DO NOT download the client from other not official sources as we can not grant your safety in this case!

STEP 1 ADDITIONAL INFO: The game contains Light and Full client. We HIGHLY SUGGEST you downloading the Full client. But if you really wish to stick to the light, you will need to have a valid copy of original Fallout 2 game and copy paste critter.dat and master.dat from Fallout 2 folder to your FOnline 3 game folder.

STEP 2: Unpack the archive you've just downloaded. For better game stability we HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU to make the client folder directory using only Latin letters or numbers.
STEP 3: Get to your client folder and launch UPDATER.EXE right away. This step is very important as your game client needs to download additional data from the update server, if you want your game to run smoothly.
STEP 4: Your game is ready. Launch either FOnline 2.exe or FOnline 3.exe to start your client. Create your char via "Registration" button and enjoy your FOnline 3.


There is more to set if you want to make your game even better! Let us tell you a bit about ADVANCED SETTINGS.

1) "The difference between FOnline 2.exe and FOnline 3.exe

The only difference between these 2 is the fact that FOnline 2.exe is made for more modern video cards like the most recent versions of NVIDIA or AMD, while FOnline 3.exe is supposed to be used by more "outdated" computers.


Important to clear game cache after any mod installtion, to do this go to data/cache and delete everything.

MORE mods on our discord channel #Modification


Tiny Tank Interface

Made for people who like rusty Fallout style interface. I know this is not the best GUI for uber PVP mass killers. Features: small, good for crafting, more items at once on inventory screen, half transparent, no problem with bottom exit grid,
Fallout style.
by Jinxed Jack


Kompressed Interface

-Hotbar for diffrent resolutions
-cooler f5 messbox
-ugly UI(made it in one day so many bugs)
-worldmap fix for 1920x1080

by KompreSor


Blue-Black PE Interface

This interface is a combination of black core with white tones, black & white outline and blue buttons.
Created in order to have another optional color scheme available & to fix some minor issues Stolen Evil have. 
Edited by VVish


Vanilla with AP

Simple classic UI with extra numbers and additional Action points

by GGBot


Know issues

If fonts not display correctly please clear cache of your game, you need delete /data/cahce to do it
Custom UI may do client crashes


How to install?

-extract to data folder
Edit ModFiles.cfg and add it there: