Download Game Client

Please choose the version of the client you wish to download.
At the moment there are 2 versions available - Lite and Full. Lite version is for owners of Fallout 2, who will just need to copy Master.dat and Critter.dat from Fallout 2 game folder. Full version is for people who wish to go with fallout.dat that weighs less than Master.dat.

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Tiny Tank Interface

Made for people who like rusty Fallout style interface. I know this is not the best GUI for uber PVP mass killers. Features: small, good for crafting, more items at once on inventory screen, half transparent, no problem with bottom exit grid,
Fallout style.
by Jinxed Jack


Pure Evil Interface

"Hi-Tech" interface mode.
-Clear View
Most popular UI in FOnline History,

by Doctor Eex


Blue-Black PE Interface

This interface is a combination of black core with white tones, black & white outline and blue buttons.
Created in order to have another optional color scheme available & to fix some minor issues Stolen Evil have. 
Edited by VVish


Vanilla with AP

Simple classic UI with extra numbers and additional Action points

by GGBot


Know issues

If fonts not display correctly please clear cache of your game, you need delete /data/cahce to do it
Custom UI may do client crashes


How to install?

Put package to data, edit ModFiles.cfg and add interface name for example