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Patch 3.2

Big news bring big update and events! we are cerebrating 1 year of FOnline 3, in rewarding week of double loot and game changer patch including new classes, mechanics, gear and events.

I BURST Dev team

New Class Perks: Sniper


Main Ability

Damage Class, taking dystance its your job, you are getting 1 critical power each 1 hex from target


Long Range

Sniper if using weapon with long range perk double critical power from main ability.



Snipers doesnt like to take damage for theirself, thats why -10% each DR


Better Range

Using Range Weapon gives snipers extra 5 range.

New Class Perks: Infantry

130 level


Infantry can rise Damage Resistances above 90%, what can make him immortal for favorite damage type.

+5% DR

Passive who help other passive

Infantry also getting extra 5% Damage Resistances. It may help him getting 100%!

-25% HP


Infantry can be tough but getting extra resistance cost in Hit Points, in this deal, infantry losing 25% of his maximum health.

Class Perks Changes

-Priest now scalling his Carry weight with his current HP in scale 3:4 -- it means if priest gets low HP, he gets low Carry Weight also.
-Killer now atfer killing a player heals his full HP
-Super Mutant with One Hander working on every weapon
-Leader halfs attacker critical chance -- no matter if attacker have critical chance pricing.
-Randomboy can roll Sniper and Infantry classes

-Cyborg can decraft special implants for 2 Cyborg points and Combat Implants for 350
-Cyborg can craft EMP shield Implants:
-tier I: 30% EMP resistance
-tier II: 60% EMP resistance, cyborg can't score critical hit
-tier III: 90% EMP resistance, cyborg losing 30% movement speed

Boss Events

To Game added new type of random events: boss event, reward is not in gear, person who score kill on boss will get temporary buff, it will last till his death, buffs can stacks. Bosses are summoners it means they summoning infinity amount of mobs.



Klling this super mutant gives player 20 Hit Points.

Spider King


Poison? just it? better take new ranger armor to fight this monster, you will able to carry 50kg more after slay it.

Deathclaw Mother


Who would kill pergent deathclaw? Well whoever did it, he gets action point.

Super AI


Someone says the most scary monster its this monster who is smarter than you, you must be lucky beating it but in reward 7% critical chance.

Alien Queen


Protect Earth! Don't let them out from area 51... but some queens out, hunting them will make you tough, you will get 4% of each DR.

Raider's Chieftain


Each raiders group have his own badass, after killing one you will learn how to shot in burst because each bullet will deal 1 more damage.

Other Features and items

-Enabled Faction vision

-New ability to build decoration in your base/tent
-New random Events: Hidden Treasure
-Added Professional tool set to fix T4 items(can be crafted)
-Added new armors: Soviet Combat Armor gives Electric protection, Perks: Laser Reflector, Advanced Plate, Regeneration
-Added new armors: Ranger Combat Armor gives Poison protection, perks: Speed Mechanism, Gain Agility, Bonus Move    
-Added New Weapon: Prototype 14, 62 Range, 10-26 Damage, Caliber: Small Energy Cells, Perks: Knockback, Long Range and Scoped

-Added the second level of Slavery Vault dungeon.
-Added Nuka Cola Manufacture Matrix. Can be obtainable from 2nd level of Slavery Vault and installed into your farm pumps.
-Raiders Hideout ( Zone 11:2 ) has opened the entrance for everyone. Everyone can now walk in without being shot.
-Added Anderson, the armor shop holder in Raiders' Hideout. He will sell some special, advanced and exclusive armors from time to time.

-Added 2 new cars: Heavy Hamvy and Corvega 2077 series.
-Added fireworks ( for now only in test mode ).
-Many fixes to dialogs and item descriptions.

-changed Rockside map, added new locations there

-removed flat 8% to score critical hit