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Patch 1.0

Hello. We are starting the server(01.10.2019) and below you can read about all changes between FO3 and FOnline Aftertimes.
Welcome to FO3, the game based on FOnline Aftertimes. Once again we want to thank everyone who helped, helps and will continue helping us with the project: beta testers, contributors, supporters and Dev teams who decided to share their sources. 
We really hope that our game is a beggining of something amazing and everyone will enjoy playing FOnline 3.


I BURST Dev team


-conflicts betweens Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, NCR and Vault city 
-War events betweens selected NPC teams. It will take place twice in a week 
-Dynamic world changes. The Wasteland will change basing on results of War Event and players actions.(Brief example: If Enclave captures Klamath in fight, later an Enclave bunker will appear there) 
-Policy events: Votings, making allies, fights for power, etc
-Rebel event: in-faction PvE only event 
-Melchior fight event 
-Reworked trader events 
-Changed amounts of mobs in raid events


-Added 8 powerful perks named class perks which request 100 level:
1.Mutant - doubles your hit points but you can't wear small guns and robes/combat armors, also you can't run.
2.Deathclaw - doubles your melee damage, ups your damage resistants and thresholds, however you can't use armors/weapons. 
3.Cyborg - allows you to reset implant limit, you can't heal yourself with fa/doc but with repair and science. However, yo completely lose EMP resistance. 
4.Bounty Hunter - you gain extra 40 to crit roll, but you can't take drugs.
5.Priest - doubles all heals: first aid, healing rate and meds. But halfs your carry weight. 
6.Chosen One - choose any of extra 2 perks, but lose half of the healing rate. Perk can be taken in Klamath
7.Soldier - Gives +1 to all stats, but you recieve knockdowns more often. 
8.Random boy - allows you to get random stats, but you can no longer reroll your char.

-Changed requirement for gain special perks to 3lvl from 12lvl
-Changed Earlier Sequence for 5 Sequence instead of 2
-Changed Faster Healing for 15 healing rate instead of 5 
-Bonus move gives you 10% movement speed 
-If you have Bonus HtH attacks and Bonus HtH damage you gain 25% movement speed


-Added new drugs: After Burner gum, Mutie and Voodoo
-Maximum number of possible drugs taken is 5, but it can be 10 if you have Chem Resistant
-Drugs changed in fallowing effects:
1.Beer: -2 PE, +5% N DR, +1 CH
2.Booze: -2 PE, +5% L DR
3.Buffout: +2 ST, -1 AG, +2 EN
4.Cigarettes: +1 PE, -1 CH
5.Gamma Gulp Beer: -1 PE, +5% P DR
6.Healing Powder: +25 healing rate, - 1 LK
7.Jet: +2 AP, -15% DR, -1 CH, -2 ST
8.Mentats: +10 SQ,+2 IN, +2 CH, -10 Healing rate
9.Nuka-Cola: +1 AG, -1 EN
10.Psycho: +15% N DR, +1 ST, +1 EN, -2 PE
11.Roentgen Rum: -2 PE, +5% F DR
12.Rot Gut: -2 PE, +5% E DR
13.After Burner gum: +15% Critical chance, -5 LK
14.Mutie: +2 DT N L E, - 2 AP
15.Voodoo: +3 LK, -2 ST, -2 EN


-Added new armors: Vault City Armor, Super Mutant Armor, Inferno Armor, Hubogolist's Robe, Unity robe,Firegecko leather armor
-Changed helmet tier 3 for 2 helmets: Combat Helmet MKII and Metal mask MKII
-Leather armor MKII gives 50 extra sneak points
-Firegecko leather armor gives 10% movement speed
-Combat leather jacket gives 2 PE
-Changed Hubogolist's robe, Unity robe and Brigekeeper's robes penalty from -9999 to -150
-Rebalanced armors in following table:

Table on right


-Added new combat implants:
1.Dragon: +4% critical chance | upgrade: +4% critical chance, +5 flat damage.
2.Aggressive: +5 critical roll | upgrade: +5 critical roll, +25% accurate.
3.Tiger: +1 action point | upgrade: + 1 action point, 15 melee damage.
4.Claw: +1 damage for each bullet | upgrade: +2 damage for each bullet.
5.Tactical: +5 FoV | upgrade: +5 FoV, -15 second respawn.

-Added limits for installing implants:
1. combat implants: 5
2. special implants: 6
-Now you can install multiple special implants
-Now you don't need combat armor for installing implant.

Maps and Worldmap

-Vault city map rework
-NCR npcs now wear NCR armors
-Removed loot drops of broken t4 on encounters
-Added chance to drop statted items from encounters
-Reworked vault 13 map
-Reworked NCR map
-Reworked Hub map
-Reworked Lost Hills map
-Reworked Raiders Cave map
-Reworked Raiders Vault map
-Reworked basic bases
-Reworked Salt Lake City map
-Added entires to dungeons(Ares, Abbey, Tunnel, Laboratory X7, Vault 15, Vault 14)
-Casino doors back to be normal in new reno
-Loot quality from encounters changed 5-25 to 5-90
-Changed starting location
-Added Rockside map for new players
-Disabled hotwitzer special encounter and Vertibird special encounter(they will come back soon)
-Guards in encounters don't push you away
-Added lore terminals in dungeons

-Changed encounters:
1.Enclave Patrol
2.Vault City patrol
3.Ranger patrol
4.Brotherhood patrol 

Dungeons and Controls

-Reworked main dungeon lockers, now it always drops armors, helmets, weapons, some ammo and drugs, and has a chance to drop T4 part, implant, etc 
-Added Vault-Tec Cases: boxes that are droped in encounters, dungeons, TC. They request Vault-Tec keys or electronic lockpick for opening 
-Added Vault-Tec Keys: Keys drop in Reno, Base Control, Trade events, War event and Vegas 
-Militia reworked, new buyable armors, however they are getting equiped only 10 minutes after militia death
-Changed TC and BC spawns 
-NPCs in dungeons and bases don't wear T4 anymore 
-Dungeons loot changed and spawn timers increased 
-Added chances to drop SPECIAL implant from encounter footlocker
-Reworked Vault 13 and Sierra Army Depot loot 
-Removed hotwitzer shells from Gun Runners Quest 
-Added lore terminals in dungeons 
-Vault 14 and Vault 15 new dungeon mechanics: The locker will respawn for every certain number of killed mobs
-Added safe houses in TC for town owners 
-Added more safe houses in BC for base owners(without windows) 
-Reworked TalChem mobs


-Changed Critical Hit Table 
-Followers can attack players 
-Added repeatble Hub quest, sheriff won't pay you for clearing raider's camp but you can take everything from there 
-Companions can choose perks 
-Companions can became your shopkeepers in Vegas 
-Changed economy system - Barter
-All followers require more Party points
-Prices for mercenaries changed 
-Updated to Worldmaker version 
-First aid and doctor always gives exp(but only till lvl 30) 
-Changed graphics for blueprints 
-Crafting reworked 
-Crafting of armors makes helmets together with body armor
-Increased chance to craft item with bonuses 
-Close combat doesn't give movement speed bonus anymore 
-Movement speed works on any armor or weapon 
-Carry Weight doesnt work on movement speed anymore 
-Disabled losing sneak points by weight 
-Deathclaws doesn't attack private mines anymore 
-Fixed oil rig C4 bug 
-If you have 150 gambling you can cheaply reroll for 10000 caps 
-Removed tag skills 
-Skills develop faster 
-Stealth Boy gives 100 sneak points now
-Added new items in traders 
-More skills point per level 
-Skilled changed from 5 SP to 2 x intelligence. 
-Added books for skills: Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Close Combat, Throwing, Traps, Doctor, Lockpick, Steal, Sneak 
-Added a warning for chars standing near walls or objects while rerolling 

+New Quests and Machanics. Find them all!