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Patch 3.0

Welcome in season 3! Fresh economy, new items system, new classes its only part of things what we prepare for "wipe changelog". Of course start at 6 PM CEST 18.07.2020. Then Call your friends and prepare for FO3-S03!

I BURST Dev team


New Class Perks: Paramedic


Main Ability

Its support class which focus on heal, thats why he have no cooldown on first aid and doctor skills



Paramedic also gets extra 50 first aid and doctor skills



Paramedic it's bad in fight, he does 50% of total damage



With Doctor skill Paramedic can revive death players, It gives 8 min of cooldown but can be halfed with classic medic perk!

New Class Perks: Leader

Upside is his downside


Leader can put a faction flag, what buff whole Team but debuff leaders, All buffs and debuffs stacks, leader need to choose buff earlier.



+5% Critical Chance and Power
+2 Luck



+1 Action point
+2 Perception



+30 Hit points
+10 Healing Rate
+2 Endurance



+4% All Damage Resistance
+1 All Damage Threshold



+15 Melee Damage
+2 Strength

Perks Changes

-Deathclaw Armor Scalling all time when you change stats
-Deathclaw Melee Damage Scalling all time when you change stats
-Mutant HP scalling all time when you change stats
-Removed extra 100 hp from mutant
-Chosen One can choose 2 perks and 1 trait
-Soldier doesnt jump to other crit tiers
-Soldier bullets counts are normal now
-Minimal tier crit for soldier its 2 now

-Faster Healing Reworked - level-uping perk,
level3 and 75% doc request,
effect: 15 Healing rate and 5 Healing time
-changed Rad Resistance support perk to 4 int from 7 int in requests
-RAD resistance perk gives 9% maximum Rad resist(99% cap)
-Added PvE perks every 5 levels, first at 55lvl
-Gain Special give 2 specials

PvE Perks

Small Ranged Damage (1/25)
1 damage against NPC

Strong Back Lite(1/50)
5 Carry Weight

Semi Pathfinder(1/5)
5% Faster World map moving

Mini Toughness(1/25)
NPCs deal 1% less damage

Firegecko Slayer(1/25), Floater Slayer(1/25), Centaur Slayer(1/25), Robots Slayer(1/25), Deathclaw Slayer(1/25), Mutant Slayer(1/25), Earth Defender(1/25)

+1% extra damage against some type of NPCs

Other changes related to Character:

-Armor Class cap set to 200

-max level to choose level-up perks are 50 so remember that in making Chosen One's Builds
-HP above Max HP its green instead red
-Healing Rate based on Endurance now, healing value is for every 1 EN there is 6% of Healing Rate stat(120% on max)
-Added new skill Engineering: for now allow you to build sandbags and explosive barrels
-Critical Table changed(on Wiki)
-Added new Crit effect - slow
-Crit effect now apear above char
-special can be negative up to -10
-above 10 luck wont protect you from poison
-changed aimed bonus critical chance fomula to 20+lk x 4


Weapons and Armor Perks

Added Ability to improve your weapon by gaining expierience, All Weapons have 3 dedicated perks then you choose 4th and last its Random same as T3 Armors, rest items have Random Perks

Gear Level Apearence

Items with level now name of it highlight in color to make it more visibile.

All Perks and their effects on Wiki

Getting exp

Gear Expierience its counted only from NPCs Kills

All Dedicated Perks on weapons/armor on wiki


-Added 5 currencies Based on war events results which faction holding towns
for example NCR holding Redding it mean only NCR's currency its accepted
-Currency can be exchange in Black Cross Bank, their value base on How many of them are in game
-There is planned seweral events based on currencies
-Caps or other money doesnt Spawn in town control anymore

-You can make player shop in vault city from your companion.
-Blocked ability to buy faction settlement temporary
-Changed drop loot - lower chance for rare items everywhere
-Added item highlighter, you can edit fonline.cfg to turn on it and edit colors
-Removed items bonus prefixs
-Added 10 crit chance resist to Metal armors t3
-Added 20 crit chance resist to Combat Armors t3 and all helmets
-Added 20 crit power resist to robes t3
-Blueprints are one use now

Other Changes

Most important features in Season 2

-Infinity Dungeon - Solo Co-op PvE feature, deeper go you, better loot you will got.
-Random tunnels with hordes of enemies and loot
-Location generated Randomly
-deeper you got better loot you get(for now just t4 parts coz all its in testing prase)
-levels: sewers, metro, cave, deep cave, temple, ruined lab, infinity lab
-you can enter there by hole in San Franscisco

Added new control system - Turn-Based Control:
-4 location to capture: outpost near SF, New Reno and Adytum; Themepark, every outpost its small map with 8 entrances
-combat in Turn-Base
-everytime there is low hp tier 2 mobs like 1-5 units
-to capture you must influence flag by using it, you will get 1 score + 0.01 x your speech
-when get 100 flag change to your faction and existing mobs on area starting fighting each other
-when again control new mobs will come from your faction 

Other changes

-fixed bug which constantly crashing client(just one of them)

-Followers can take all drugs(not cannibals)
-New location: Paradise Valley ( A dungeon that spawns only blueprints )
-Changed Vegas. Added 2 more quests in Vegas area, including 1 repeatable quest from Paladin Stephan
-New area in Vegas - The Hoover Dam
-Added citizens only shops in Vegas.
-Added repeatable quest from Desert Rangers in Vegas Dam.
-Changed maps of Junktown and NCR. ( basing on recent events )
-New business - the ability to open your own Water Station and sell water. ( Though nothing is so easy ) ( Ability to make such business was added to Vegas Hoover Dam in Water Center )
-Raiders' faction has a new faction base.
-Added missing sounds and music in some maps.