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FOnline 3

FOnline 3 is new fallout based 1/2 MMORPG. Just like in other FOnline games our goal is to survive and grow as long and as much as possible. However, Fonline 3 allows you to take part in great fights between large NPCs' factions as a member. Choose between Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, NCR and Vault City and fight against each other in order dominate the wasteland. Based on FOnline: Aftertimes, we improve what is good and remove what was unplayable, in a short slogan: Less Grinding - More Playing.
Big thanks to the Worldmaker, Rotators, Fallout Nevada's team and Reloaded's team for sharing their sources.

Dynamic Balance

We gonna change a balance game to make game more alive.

Great Wars

Join Encalve, Brotherhood of Steel, Vault City or NCR to dominate new world. Who gonna win first war after Great War?

A lot of content

We have many dungeons, acticvies and stuff to do, you can recruit NPC followers, take control of town, fight on desert and many more!

Season 2

Patch 2.2 already here!


it start with just fever... and took too many lifes

FO: Battle Royale

Start at 28/12/2019 9 PM CET!