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it start with just fever... and took too many lifes

Storm   Area 51

A very secret video material taken from Area 51! A group of brave memes under the command of Kyle01 the Prime is storming a secret military facility. Many thanks to everyone who decided to take part in the event. It was fun.

Black Cross Department

While everybody is waiting for October 1st in their chambers, our Wasteland News Network is working hard to guide you around the Wasteland. So here is the first issue of the "All around California". Enjoy!


are YOU want to storm Area 51?

It is a very dangerouse place and Lord knows what pre war mysteries it hides. Therefore there are no army guarding this place, you should always remember about mines, robots, turrets and many other dangers. Why can't you just take a bottle of Nuka and enjoy a lovely wasteland evening? Just forget about Area 51, it is not for unprepared people like you. And... You don't believe in aliens, don't you?

Season 1 trailer

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