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Patch 4.96.2

Season 4 MK.III Patch, include dungeon revolution, drop loot changes, soft item wipe, huge perks changes and new class perk Scout

I BURST Dev team


Removed perks ranks(lifegiver, toughness, bonus ranged damage, pyromaniac) and changed many perks effects and added new perks.


Gain Special Perks

2 to special

5 to class calculation special scalling

NOTE: so it give +2 special and +5 to special class calculations


Fire Fighter 

req 3 level 6 INT,
reduce 100% damage bonus from pyro effects,
give explode/fire DT,
reduce 25% opponent melee damage,
8% confusion res per INT


Adrenaline Rush

req 6 level 6 CH,
give DR/DT on missing HP,
gives 8% Slow Resistance per CH


Iron grip

req 3 level 6 AG,
Immune to weapon drop,
8% criple res per AG


Lethal Protection

req 12 level 6 PE,
reduce % flat damage as damage resistance,
8% death effect res per PE 


Man of Steel

 req 9 level 6 EN,
50% critical power resistance,
25% critical chance resistance,
8% bypass effect res per EN 



 req 9 level 6 ST,
immune to knockback,
8% KO res per ST 


Quick Recovery

req 3 level 6 LK,
Halves KO/KD,
8% AP Drain Res per LK



150 AC,
25 AC cap


Faster Healing

+15 to healing rate,
-5 healing rate cd,
+25% heal from meds



+10 levels HP cap



Healing cooldowns reduced by 75%,
15-30 extra heal while using First Aid skill 



+75% to fire damage


Silent Death

merged effect with Silent Running



+12 Normal DR,
4 Normal DT


Bonus Battle Stats

req 6 level,
+10% damage,
+2 weapon range(not melee),
25 accuracy


Death Sense

req. 6 level 6 luck
20 DR penetration
30% DT penetration


Bonus Ranged Damage

Bonus Ranged Damage - 3 damage per bullet

More Ranged Damage - 4 damage per bullet

Perk Synergies

Dodger, Lifegiver, Livewire
Doubles Armor Class cap,
+5% bonus Damage Reduction

Pyromaniac, Firefighter, Bonus Battle Stats
Gives extra flat damage equal to half Pyromaniac(and Phoenix Implant) fire damage bonus(no plasma convert anymore)

Adrenaline Rush, Toughness, Lethal Protection
 change the 8% in defensive rolls to 10%

More Ranged Damage, Bonus Ranged Damage, Death Sense
75% to double damage on one hex

Other character changes

HtH Evade - Deleted
Mountain perk synergy - Deleted

Armor perks:
-Lethal Protection removed
-Penetration Protection replace Lethal Protection
-Added new armor perk Penetration Protection which lower by 10 enemies DR penetration and 10% DT penetration by each perk

Weapon Perks:
-Penetrate gives +20% DT penetration by each perk
-Bonus Min Damage gives 5 DR penetration and +24% min damage
-Bonus Max Damage gives +5% DT penetration and +19% max damage

Ammo DT mod

Each Ammo have own DT % penetration:



poison: 0%
AP: 75%
Healing: 0%



fire gecko: 50%
Slugs: 25%
Flechette: 50%
Shells: 10%
EMP: 100%



Explosive: 10%
AP: 45%
RAD: -20%
EMP: 100%



5mm JHP: -10%
5mm AP: 30%
5.56mm AP: 25%
10mm JHP: -5%
10mm AP: 25%
14mm AP: 100%
.44: 10%
.45: 0%
9mm: 5%
BBs: 0%
.223 FMJ: 20%
.223 AP: 40%
4.7mm caseless: 35%
2mm: 50%
40mm: 60%
40mm ice: 20%
40mm fire: 50%
fuel: 10%
fuel MK.II: 60%
SEC: 0%
MFC: 0%
EFC: 25%

Class: SCOUT

Slowly reconnaissance for heavy strike. Level required: 85.


Learn to Sneak

Ability to use learning skill on Sneak Skill.
also removing a stealth cap(1000)



For each luck gets 5% chance to knockout target
that knockout can't be resist by stonewall, halved by quick recovery



Lose 25% ms when is no in sneak mode,



Can't gain movement speed. 

Class Perks

-Removed For each Perception gets +1% accuracy
-Added For each Perception gets +2% Critical Damage

Random Boy:
-changed rolls:
Critical Power -20 or 40
Critical Power -20% or 40%
Critical Chance -5% or 10%
One of DR -3% or 10%
One of DT -1 or 6
Rad Resistance and Poison Resistance -25 or 50 and carry weight -50 to 100
all of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. -1 or 3
Hit Points -20 or 50
Action Points and turnbased AP for move -1 or 3
Sequence -25 or 75
Melee Damage -5 or 20
Healing Rate -20 or 60
Armor Class -75 or 225

-Strike: Remove all own debuffs(bounty, weakness, slow, fury, Rad)

-Gets 5 Heavy Handed Malus

Chosen One:
-Lose Negative HP(dies on 0 hp already)
-disallow take perk above 49 level
-changed +1 Hit Point per Charisma to +3 Hit Point per Charisma

Changed Extra Stats value

extra 100 Carry Weight, 25 Rad Resistance and 25 Poison Resistance and 25% more currency/caps on events
extra 5% movement speed and 2 action points for movement in turn based.
extra 40 Accuracy and 1 damage per bullet.
extra 10 Flat Damage
extra 10 Sight Range
extra 15% Critical Power
extra 15 Critical Power
extra 40 Healing Rate and +15% critical roll resistance.
extra 25 Sequence and 25 Stealth points.
extra 10 Melee Damage
extra 7 Critical Chance
extra 2 Strength
extra 2 Perception
extra 2 Endurance
extra 2 Charisma
extra 2 Intelligence
extra 2 Agility
extra 2 Luck
extra Normal 7 DR and 2 DT
extra Laser 7 DR and 2 DT
extra Plasma 7 DR and 2 DT
extra Fire 7 DR and 2 DT
extra Electric 7 DR and 2 DT
extra Explosive 7 DR and 2 DT
extra 40 Hit Points
extra 2 Action Point and 30 Armor Class


Dungeon Revolution

-NPCs in dungeons are lootable now
-Dungeons splitted into 6 tiers, each tier have own diffculty
-Wind of War Radio Station Vault is dungeon now
-Blackstone Mansion in Diego is dungeon now
-Toxic Caves is dungeon now
-The Tunnel have scavengers instead ghouls
-Laboratory X7 have fire geckos instead Aliens
-Area 51(Hangar) is dungeon now
-Hawthorne(Hangar) is dungeon now
-Waterworks is dungeon now
-Talchem California HQ have robots instead ghouls now
-Changed event encounters and lost signals

Global Drop loot

-NPCs in each dungeon have diffrent loot drops, they drop tier 4 parts/rare items, mostly diffrent part in diffrent dungeon, more info on wiki
-Dungeon lockers splitted into 3 tiers:
dungeon locker tier 1 implants, verti parts, drugs, upgrade parts, currency, ammo, tier 3
dungeon locker tier 2 implants, verti parts, drugs, upgrade parts, currency, ammo, tier 3, t4 ammo
dungeon locker tier 3 implants, verti parts, drugs, upgrade parts, currency, ammo, tier 3, t4 ammo, interplay map
-Changed VT case loot: T4 BP, implants, verti parts, drugs, upgrade parts, currency, ammo, tier 3, t4 ammo
-In places where tier 4 parts was droping was replaced with rare items(TC,BC,Traders, Special Enco)

Infinity Dungeon

-Similar to other dungeons, infinity splitted into 6 tiers, on each floor diffrent tier 4 part drops from NPCs
-NPCs apear after 20-60 sec after player enter to new location
-NPCs non-stop coming to location but limit per location is 35, after death of NPC, new will come in 20 minutes
-Removed Predators
-Changed loot drop

-Radiated Heart effect changed to +3 Agility
-Added Accuracy Tools(+50, +100)
-Added all tools to crafting
-Unlocked tier 4 crafting
-Some arts got new look(by MTDP)
-Fixboy list changed


-Extra Stats drops on reroll but can be used only on owner
-Changed Extra Stats Limit to 10
-Victory on War Event/Reno Wars gives a random tier 4 part
-Points from capture flags changed from 3 to 30
-Points from killing NPCs changed from 50 to 200
-Added 8 random flags on Reno Wars
-Reno Wars doesn't give Random Stat anymore(New Reno Armors instead for all teams)
-Extra stats can't stack anymore
-Removed extra limit
-extra War event reward - for 1 random currency for score(0 if negative score)

Bug Fixes

-Fixed NPC Attack Speed

-Fixed accuracy server-client bug diffrence
-Fixed item description for no-ammo weapons
-Renamed support perk scout to map scouting
-Fixed bug with too much companions in towns(set limit to 5 per town and removed limit per restart)
-Disabled ability to poke everyone on discord via ingame global chat
-Fixed ~PvE take all PvE perks(Miner)
-Added limit to pick up all(250 items) to avoid client crashes
-Fixed V13 boss
-Fixed minimal look
-Fixed hexshotting/hexthrowing accuracy
-Fixed hexshotting extra range
-Fixed hexshotting/hexthrowing attack speed