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Patch 4.96.3

Huge Companion update and additional S.P.E.C.I.A.L bonuses and traits reworks

I BURST Dev team

New Companions

Stronger and updated


[Check Status]

Now you can check companion character sheet like you can check your own character sheet


Allowed perks

-Allow to use all Level up perks
-Allow to use all perks sygnergies


Allowed to install implants

Intalation for companion is free!


Allow to increase skills

Allow to use learning skill on companions

-Companions now can be rerolled
-Companions now have 40 base S.P.E.C.I.A.L
-Companions can wear all armors
-Reworked dialog for companions
-Companions can be seen by owner on whole map
-Companion names above his head
-Ability for supporters to rename companion
-Ability for supporters to give companion a skin

Class Perks

Companion on 24 level can take a class perk if unlock class previously by doing small challenge

  1. Alien  - unlock when companion kill 250 aliens
  2. Assassin  - unlock when companion kill with pistols 250 targets
  3. Bounty Hunter  - unlock when companion score crit 1000 times
  4. Chosen One - unlock after 3rd companion reroll
  5. Cyborg - unlock after install 7 combat implants at same moment
  6. Killer - unlock when companion kill 500 targets
  7. Priest - unlock when companion heal hisself 500 times
  8. Super Mutant - unlock when companion reach 500 hp


-Bloody Mess - changed trait
+Regen 25% of your max AP after each kill.
-20% cap to all Skills
-Cannibal - changed value of drugs
Brain 2 INT
Ear 3 LK
Eye 2 PE
Heart 2 EN
Liver 1 ST
Rad Eye 4 CH
-Good Natured - changed party points
+20% additional party points instead 50
-Gifted - changed trait
additional sources of INT doesn't change SP per Level
SP per level = 2xINT
2 to all special
-Jinxed - added immune for heavy handed
-Loner - Added bonus to accuracy: +100
-Small Frame - Changed value of action points: 2
-Fast Metabolism - Changed value of Healing Rate: 25
-Fast Shot - doesn't get damage type bonuses


Per Strength - 8% knockback resistnace / weapon perk knockback
Per Strength - 1 crit power resistance
Per Perception - 1 weakness resistance
Per Endurance - 1 hp on negative / 2x walking dead perk
Per Endurance - 0.5% flat damage resistance
Per Charisma - 10 Skill Points for companions(from companion owner and companion itself)
Per Intelligence - 0.5 DR penetration resistance / 2 IN = 1, 4 IN = 2
Per Agility - 0.5 crit chance resistance / 2 ag = 1, 4 = 2
Per Luck - 0.25 damage per bullet / 4 luck = 1, 8 = 2

Other changes

-PyO62 Damage changed from 50-75 to 60-80
-ETG3000 Damage changed from 50-75 to 55-80
-ETG3000 Attack Speed changed from 1200 to 1000
-IPF210 Damage changed 135-170 to 140-190
-Added TS633 weapon, burst 12 rounds, range 15, AP cost 6, Damage 26-39, magazine cap 48, caliber 12 ga., Damage type normal, perks: knockback, destroyer, destroyer, AS 900

-0,25% chance to lose 1 special implant on death
-0,05% chance to lose 1 combat implant on death

-Strike: set self slow to 75

-deal 125% more damage on targets with lower than 50% max hit points

-Temporary Charisma doesn't increase Party Points
-Fixed bug with mutant/deathclaw skins
-Tesla Attacker base damage changed to 50-100 from 40-210
-Tesla Attacker/Explosive Belt all damage multipier working
-Explosive Belt base damage changed to 900-1400 from 40-210
-Explosive Belt doesnt scale with traps skill anymore
-Poison stay longer
-Poison reduce all healing rate
-increased time till NPC body disapear
-Added very low chance to spawn electronic lockpick mk 1 in TC locker
-Base Control doesnt spawn tier 4 parts, instead are vt-keys
-Lower chance to spawn browning or vindicator npcs in dungeons
-Added current item condition and max condition on item icon in inventory
-Tier 4 chance drop rate increased in dungeons with less npcs
-Overweight doesn't disallow to run anymore
-Overweight above 100% for each 2 kilogram slow character by 1%(+2 run speed)
-On 500% slow character can't move(1000 run speed)
-Added military binoculars to war officers