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Patch 4.1

Main Story Line Added to FOnline 3! For now just first chapter.

AP Regen

-AP Regen changed to flat values instead %:
Base: 1 AP/s
Sequence: 0.02 AP/s
Agility: 0.1 AP/s
Fast Shot: 0.25 AP/s
Claw: 0.50 AP/s
Eye: 0.25 AP/s
Cowboy: 1 AP/s
Synergy Cowboy, Earlier Sequence, Weapon Handling, Quick Pockets: 1.5 AP/s
Bonus Attack Speed: 0.25 AP/s
Synergy Gain Strength, In Your Face, Better HtH Criticals: 2 AP/s


-Faction Patrols are stronger and their items changed to 1-3 drugs, 400-800 currency, 100-250 ammo, 2-7 super stimpaks and weapons:
Enclave: Gatling Laser, Avenger Minigun, ELECTRO rocket, Plasma Rifle, Pulse Pistol, Plasma SMG, Prototype, Super Catle Prod
BoS: Rocket Launcher, Super Sledge, Louisville Slugger, XL, Solar, LSW, Plasma Pistol, Laser Rifle
NCR: Caws, Incinator, Wakisashi, Magneto Laser Pistol, M60, little jesus, 14mm Pistol, Needler Pistol
VC: Sniper Rifle, .223 pistol, Ripper, M16, Mega Power Fist, Grenade Launcher, Laser Spear, Pancor

World Changes

-Main Quest chapter 1 Unlocked, Visit NCR above 5 level
-Updated Worldmap encounters
-Vault 15 now spawning like II/III dungeon locker
-Vault 14 now spawning like I dungeon Locker
-Vault 14 map changes
-Vault 13 loot updated to table on wiki
-Caves Spawn more often loot


-Syngergy BRD-MRD wont work on weapons: M16, LSW, Bozar
-Better Critical gives also 50% more critical damage for aimed shots
-Better HtH Critical gives also 75% more critical damage for aimed shots
-Turnbased attacks will have limit to 2 shots per turn + 1 for each 0.25 AP Regen
-Bloodymess and killing spree will recover 20% max ap
-Added tab for slow, armor weakness and leader bonuses
-Mutie give -1 AP instead -2
-Heavy Handed AP Drain only give AP to attacker instead taking it from target
-Heavy Stonewall give 15 protection instead 10
-Wrecker now cost HP for shoting: 5-10 hp
-Each Perception gives -10 target sneak
-Sneak Tab showing base stealth(real its -target 10 x PE and front -72)
-Rad rockets and healing needler ammo doesnt apply flat damage
-Added more stats to character sheet

-New mechanic Fury, getting stacks for each getting damage, discharge stacks on attack or on enter location, working only on few classes
-Killer for each fury stacks will lose 3% DR
-Combat Master for each fury stacks will get 5 critical power
-Infantry for each fury stacks will get 1 DT
-Deathclaw for each fury stacks will get 5 melee damage
-Wrecker for each fury stacks will increase shot cost for 5 HP
-Priest for each fury stacks will decrease rad resitance for 10


-Fixed bug with assassin
-Fixed bug with deathclaw
-Fixed bug with sneak synergy
-Fixed bug with destroying weapons
-Fixed bug with emp damage
-Fixed bug with junk machine
-Fixed bug with no receiving extra exp after reroll
-Fixed bug with lifesteal on ranged weapons

-A Lot dialogs fixes
-Small Fixes in Crafting
-Fixed bugs with choose melee and ranged weapon perks
-Fixed perks/skills/traits/stats pictures
-Removed debug information from help screen(F1)