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Patch 3.8

Private Bases, and previous patches below

I BURST Dev team


-Added private bases(non Faction), bases are used by map, to manage with base use command ~base, map to base drop from boss encounters, VT cases, Dungeons, Mobs in infinity dungeon and daily quest, bases are splited to 6 tier:
Tier I(over 50%): Tents, caves, ruins
Tier II(35%): Safehouse, shelters
Tier III(5%): Depot, Outpost, Storage, Scrapheap, trapper camp, library, cabin, church, blades hideout, khans hideout, gas station, HQ caves, Nuka Cola Outpost, Parking, basement
Tier IV(1%): Bunker and Patreon bases(tier 3)
Tier V(0.25%): Patreon bases(tier 4)
Tier VI(0.001%): Base with T4 machinery, 4 private dungeons, Interplay studio

-Bases changing worldmap color depends:
Inside there is a Player to Pink
Inside there is a Companion to Yellow
Inside there is a Car to Cyan
Inside there is a Car and Companion to Orange
Inside there is a Car and Player to Purple
Inside there is a Companion and Player to Blue
Inside there is a Companion and Player and Car to black
Inside its nothing to Gray 

-Shop keepers will not react to commands
-Fixed spawning companions in towns
-Added Empty Map(rare loot pool) to set 10 bases reveal
-Added Command ~setrespawn for setting respawn for companion
-Changed Ares layout for levels 2, 3 and 4. One of level 4 boxes are switched to Sierra-like crates.
-Added Tower zone and Centropolis to San Diego location.
-Fixed Vault City patrol quest in San Diego.
-Fixed some graphical issues.
-Fixed doors in Legion Aircraft.
-Changed perks order in description

PATCH 3.75

<-Added new base for everyone Library:

-fixed Sky Tower NPCs
-AK-47 AP cost changed to 10
-Bounty Hunter now bypass Fill The Gaps and Heavy Armor Perks
-Bounty Hunter Critical Roll Effect Resistance Penetration changed from 15% to 25%
-Stonewall protect from Knockout changed from 5% to 7% each Endurance points
-Stonewall protect now from knockback from knockback perk, formula: 15% + 5% protection for each ST points, all perks like soldier, bounty hunter, cyborgs 3rd implants work on this roll
-Paramedic First Aid CD changed to 3 seconds
-fixed bug that deathclaw had no 50 sneak bonus
-Fixed Bug with critical miss weapon destroy/explode
-Fixed Spawning in settlement guard without faction tag
-Fixed Bug causing NPCs have low EMP resist while they wasnt a robot
-Added 2 new quests to San Diego
-Fixed some map bugs
-Fixed some graphic bugs
-Added one more warning to vertibird mechanic
-Fixed some Legion dialogs
-Fixed Ghoul quest in Reactor 58
-Tony in Vegas will now also buy Coffee and Vintage Whiskey
-Added to few bases vertibird slot
-Disabled town preview when: Town Control its on, Base Control its on, Turn-Based Control its on
-Added numpad hotkeys for command NPC followers:
Num0: Regroup
Num1: Heal
Num2: Take Poison Antidote
Num3: Follow Me
Num4: RadX
Num5: Drugs
Num6: RadAway
Num7: Drug Antidote
Num8: Stop Action
Num9: Flee


-Increased global drop loot
-NPCs in dungeons will have class perks
-Fix bug that sniper bonus apear on other classes
-Added upgrade parts mk2,(gives 75000-150000 exp) craftable from 10 upgrade parts
-Added upgrade parts mk3,(gives 750000-1500000 exp) craftable from 100 upgrade parts or 10 upgrade parts mk2
-Sharpshooter gives 1-10% DR penetration when aiming
-Weapon handling gives 25% more flat damage(from existing flat damage)
-Dodger gives 10 armor class cap
-Dodger+ gives 10 armor class cap
-HtH Evade gives 10 armor class cap
-HtH Evade+ gives 10 armor class cap
-Living Anatomy flat damage changed from 5 to 15
-Quick Pockets also -1 AP cost when using stimpacks or bloodbacks
-Added new armor perks: survivalist(immune for poison) and strategic improvement(20 armor class cap, 30 armor class, 5 sequence)
-Ranger Armor perks changed to: survivalist, Speed Mechanism, Gain AG
-Ranger Armor ALL DR changed by +5%
-Ranger Armor ALL DT changed by +1
-Hardened Metal Armor perks changed to: Heavy Stonewall, strategic improvement, Defense Enhancement
-Inferno Armor perks changed to Explosive Belt, Gain EN, survivalist
-Heavy Armor perks changed to Terminator Mode, survivalist, Iron Skin
-Fixed shock protection bug
-Over drugs now deal 100% hp - normal DR
-Fire 40mm left firehexes and fixes hexshotting
-Ice 40mm changed to green explosive
-Changed AK-47 default ammo from 5mm to 7.62mm
-Changed Flamer, Incinerator and Napalm Blaster default ammo to fuel mk2
-Fixed 3rd dragon implant
-Weapon explode/destroyed effect fixed
-Fixed bug that you could start Base Control without faction
-Switch armor takes -7 AP
-Fixed killing spree effect(Bloody Mess, Killer, Killing Spree)
-Starting fight with Frank Horrigan request player to talk him
-Added a water seller in NCR.
-Added a flower seller in NCR. ( Finally gives tips regarding the flower quest in Fort Seth, also sells decorative plants for your bases or whatever you want to decorate. )
-New cars for Delux Auctions. ( Gaunt's collection )
-Changed Sarmatia entirely. Added a lot of new quests there.
-Added toxic mushrooms harvesting. For now mostly in Klamath Toxic caves. To learn more about toxic mushroom harvesting complete the Dan's quest in Sarmatia ( which is now named Reactor 58 )
-Added voice acting for Frank Horrigan. Special thanks to Nene Buano for this.
-Fixed and finished Enclave training facility.
-Fixed banker's dialog.
-Changed main menu music theme.

Patch 3.675


-Companions will spawn often
-Killer will have 10% life steal
-changed crit table
-electro damage will lower all DRs of opponent(working similar to slow effect)
-all plasma damage will have 5 flat crit power
-laser damage will have extra 5 crit chance
-explosive damage will have chance to cripple limps
-fire damage burns target with extra time damage
-normal damage have 5% more accurate
-fixed dragon implants 5 flat damage
-sniper will not have extra crit roll on unaimed attacks
-Added new rare ammo: 40mm ice - convert dmg to plasma and apply slow effect, 40mm fire - convert dmg to fire, .223 AP, 7,62mm AP
-Added new cars. ( Now working normally )
-Rework of Sierra. Added Sierra Antiblast Shelter which is now very important for the once who decided to clear it.
-Changed Vegas. Added Wattz Electronics plant, several important chars, 3 new buildings and 1 small quest.
-Experimental rework of loot in Shady Sands, Hub, Adytum and Junktown. Added a lot of really junky ( but still unique ) items in city containers and trash bins.
-Changed Chosen One special encounter. Now you will see something different there.
-Changed hospital special encounter. Now you will see a huge reference to one very old RTS game there.
-Added unique items ( including a new vinyl record ) in the encounters described above.
-Added hats. Ronald in Vegas now sells them for 1 dollar per hat. Also added Ranger's hat buying option to Dean in Fort Seth and Officer's cap buying option to Quartermaster in Poseidon. ( Hats are not helmets. They will not protect you )
-Changed few things in Vault 41. Brotherhood of Steel can now visit this dungeon.
-Small rework of the first level of Vault Tec HQ. Moved all Handies a bit away from the entrance.
-Added missing music in some maps.
-Buffed some npcs in Lost Signals. Parshtur in "Raiders' Ship" now bites pretty painfully. Robot with rocket launcher in "Mutant's Ambush" got extra AP and Enclave sergeant in "Notrhill" turned into a sneaky assassin.
-Added Enclave training grounds to Point Poseidon.

Patch 3.65

Town Control:
-Fixed Town Control Time Windows
-Fixed 3-factions or more TC
-Now for taking over of flag you need weapon with at least level 2(if any member have lower exp flag won't be taken)

-Added more weapons and armors
-Weapons and armors start with level 3(500k exp)
-For killing you get 100-350k exp in gear only
-For killing you get exp depends how many players playing
-Cyborgs will get tool kit instead first aid kit

-One hander change - using 2handed weapons now have -100 penalty instead -40 chance to hit
-Changed Unity Patrols
-Changed encounter groups depends on War Events results
-Fixed Sierra Spawn - you don't need put 1 item to restart spawn when open Sierra
-With holding CTRL-mouse click on any item with "use" ability will auto-use it expect not active motion sensor
-Fixed Level 6 Weapons
-Using Reroll book with Class perk will read all remaining levels
-Added Mambo truck and Mad Max Inspector ( cars )
-Added 3 new quests to Shady Sands, some of them are even voice acted thanks to Nene Buano.
-Sierra surface is now also guarded by robots.
-All loot from Adytum lockers is moved to trash bins.
-Buffed melee ghouls.
-Fixed some event announcement typos.
-Added more covers to Area 51 entrance ( Covers from Laser towers.
-Fixed low level Mr. Handies in VT HQ.

Patch 3.6
Town Control Changed:
-Timer started by click 1 of 6 flags, you must have at least 3 faction member in location(30 minutes timer)
-first flag its given instatly
-capture flag time scale with player around flag(20 hexes)(3 players == 3 minutes to take flag)
-capture flag force spawn militia
-if 1 faction control all 6 flags timer break and gives control to flag owner
-if flags are splited between factions and timer ends:
-if previous town owner control 3 or more flags they still keep town
-if attacker control 4 or more flags they get control over town
-Added TC windows 3 hours per day(check windows in pipboy)
-removed TC cooldown
-speech doesnt work on TC
-limit of militia increase to at start 6 max, every locker spawn it increase up to 15
-militia can spawn with any weapon
other changes:
-Reroll spawn Implant tokens for free instalation
-added new base: Small Cabin in the Woods
-map fixes
-Infantry HP penatly changed from 20% to 10%
-Infantry DR bonus changed from 5 to 7
-fixed level 6 weapons/armor and set 50 000 000 exp back to get it
-fixed bug with VT keys on player shops
-Added the new cars collection. Don't miss them in our next coming Delux Auction.
-Increased the basic damage of npc Deathclaws a bit.
-Added eventually working showers to Point Poseidon
-Added the Airship to Fort Palagious.
-Added the trader of basic craft parts and Golden Globe trader to Fort Palagious.
-Fixed some typos in locations' and items' descriptions.
-Removed Special Corvega and Enclave Humvy due to buggy graphics.
-On War Events you can't capture flags while sneaking


Patch 3.55

-Poison Reduce heals for 75%
-Doubled Slow Effect
-Halved all Movement Speed Bonuses
-Added lvl 6 for weapons and armor(50 000 000 exp)
-updated Marshal and Roger perk lists
-You can get Randomly Lethal Protection perk

-at lvl 6 gear get legendary perk:

More Bonus Damage - +50% min/max damage
Sniper - double weapon range
Bounty Hunter - own critical chance and targer convert into critical power
Bonus Bullet Damage - Add additional bullet in burst
Enhanced Knockout - every critical hit its knockout

Gifted - +2 SPECIAL
Advanced Defence - +10% DRs
Super Regen - 30 Healing Rate and 4 Regen time
Powered - +15DTs
Anty-Crit - -30% critical chance/-60 critical power mod for attacker

changes in weapons perks:

-Bonus Damage have 24% min damage
-Bonus Attack have 19% max damage
-Better Critical have 10 Critical Power
-Slayer have 5 Flat Damage
-Long Range gets Accurate bonus also
-Life Steal based on damage(25%)
Deleted Weapon perks:
-Fast Reload, replaced with Ammo Upgrade
-Accurate, replaced with Destroyer
-Enhanced Knockout(not legendary), replaced with Frozen Queen
Added new Weapon Perks:
-Frozen Queen - apply slow effect on target
-Destroyer - Lower Target DR for 5%(Only Normal, fire, explosive damage)
-Ammo Upgrade - increase DM mod for 1/0
changes in armor perks:
-Lethal Protection now block 75% of flat damage
-Utility have -1 ap cost in reload action
-Heavy stonewall reduce attacker 10 ST in heavy handed roll
-Advanced Plate DT changed from 7 to 6
-Fill The Gaps protect from 20% critical chance
-Added new armor perk: Iron Skin - gives 10 HP

Critical Roll changes:


Target protection:

-Bonehead and MoS protect from 25% critical roll(stacking)
-Cyborg's 3rd Dermal protect from 10% critical roll(stacking)
-Deathclaw protect from 20% critical roll(stacking)


Attacker roll:

-Better Critical changed from flat 20 crit roll to 25% extra roll
-Better HtH Criticals changed from 25 flat crit roll to 33% extra roll
-Agressive Implants changed from 5 flat crit roll to 5% extra roll
-Silent Death Effect changed from 10 flat crit roll to 15% extra roll


Attacker roll:

-Fast Shot changed from -35 flat crit roll to -33% extra roll
-Heavy Handed changed from -20 flat crit roll to -20% extra roll
-Soldier changed from 1 flat crit roll to 1% extra roll

Other changes of Patch 3.55

Items changes:
-Hubogolist's Robes changed Resists to: 65/16 normal, 40/3 laser, 80/4 fire, 30/4 plasma, 35/1 explosive, 25/3 electro
-Hubogolist's perks changed to: Regeneration, Iron Skin, Shock Protection
-Unity's Robes changed Resists to: 65/16 normal, 40/3 laser, 30/4 fire, 80/4 plasma, 35/1 explosive, 25/3 electro
-Unity's Robes Robes perks changed to: Defense Enhancement, Sneaky, Iron Skin
-M79 Grenade Launcher ammo capacity changed to 3
-M79 Grenade Launcher damage changed to 50-90
-Brotherhood Armor perks changed to: Lethal Protection, Special Force Bonus, Iron Skin

Sierra Changes:
-Added new exist from level 1 to surface
-Added terminals to open stairs when lights off(level 1-3)
-Turrets have heavy miniguns
-Added east spawn
-Fixed eye bug
-Lockers have 5% chance to spawn upgrade part while event open
-Reward lockers in bunker reset when you shot with howitzer
-Turrets and robot can be hacked for your faction
-You need dixon eye now for moving by elevator (level 1-3)

Class Perks:
-Infantry HP Penatly changed to 20%
-Sniper DR penatly changed to 6%
-Deathclaw protect from 20% critical roll
-Priest using meds will have 1 message instead 2

-Gold bar basic cost changed from 300k to 95k.
-Added "District 11" small adjustment to New Reno, with own new chars and even few quests.
-Fixed small bugs in New Reno map.
-Added the ability to trade food with "Honest Hearts" company in New Reno.
-Tobacco farm passive incomes increased on 700 caps each.
-Small experimental changes in NCR and Hub - moved all loot from town lockers to dumpsters and trash bins to make the sense of your important place in the Wasteland more highlighted.
-Fixed dialogs of Hawthorne npcs speaking about current situation in the city.
-Few cosmetic changes in Point Poseidon.
-Added food packs. Can be made via the stove in your farm. There you can also find a note, giving you a hint about food business.
-Added some Christmas decorations
-Added New Base: Church behind Hills
-Added Skins for Deathclaw Class: Radscorpion,Floater,Eyebot,Boxer
-Bankers will not ask for small tax for some of their services.