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Patch 3.5

New Reno Update, new events, merge New Reno maps and many others!

I BURST Dev team

New Reno Events

Added New Reno Wars Events:
-Automatic War Event on New Reno Map
-Part taking always 4 teams: Mordinos, Salvatories, Bishops, Wrights
-always autobalance
-player start near officer(shop) with 50 000 caps
-end score based on amounts of players
-no flags
-reward as VT-Keys and new Families Armors

Added New Reno Renesco's Shelter Event:
-It opens max 2 times in day
-When it opens there will be global timer with 1h cd, after timer dungeon will close and everyone from inside will die
-step 1 in dungeon will be open main gate for that you will need split to 2 groups to get to switches, switches must be clicked in same time
-step 2 trap room, here you must walking only on lights, instead you will die, lights apear and disapear every 10 seconds
-step 3 boss fight, boss attacking everyone in boss room for 1-500 electrical damage every 3-6 seconds, boss also have 2 auras, 1 knockback everyone, and 2nd one pulls everyone, auras changes every 15 seconds
-step 4 loot VT keys and leave worldmap

Other Changes

Added Families armors:

-Salvatories Combat Armor - copy of Enclave Armor but with perks: Regeneration, Gain EN, Tesla Attacker
-Bishops Combat Armor - Copy of NCR Armor but with perks: Heavy, Heavy, Heavy
-Mordinos Combat Armor - Copy of Conscript Battle Armor but with perks: Advanced Plate, Special Force Bonus, Anty-Termal System
-Wrights Combat Armor - Copy of Desert Combat Armor but with perks: Speed Mechanism, Speed Mechanism, Speed Mechanism

-Merged New Reno Maps
-Fixed bug that Crit power protection was adding Crit Power instead protecting
-Faction Settlement Guards will attack All faction's enemies(set in faction Terminal)
-Incresed Global drop loot
-Openning VT-HQ and Wind of War's Vault will make global annoucement
-Changed Item pools in event encounters, reward room, war officer and infinity
-Stealth armor give 3x sneaky
-Increased cost of verti parts
-Leader Class wont give bonus MS in war events
-fixed bug with drug limit
-RadX its counted as normal drug
-you can refresh drugs at 5 drugs(10 if chem reliant)
-if you try take drug over limit, all drug effects will drop and you will hurt your self for 50% max hp
-entering faction settlement or attacking someone there, will inform owners in faction chat
-Start fight with frank horrigan will delete all sandbags
-oil rig now drops lvl 5 T3 armors and weapons
-in top right corner of screen will be displayed local currency
-Randomboy roll chance changed from 1:300 to 1:800
-changed icon of Conscript Battle Armor on floor
-disabled speedboost for npcs
-Smart curson middle button will put command marked on map
-fixed critical table
-added new base: basement
-added new patreon tier 3 base: casino
-Fixed Blackstone Mansion dungeon. Now it is accessible any time and you no longer need to run hacking sequence.
-Changed tobacco farms. Now, once you fix the bot, it will automatically start harvesting tobacco for you ( 400 leaves per 4 hours ). ALL CURRENT FARM OWNERS NEED TO MESSAGE KOMISAR VINET FOR FARM RESET.
-Added tent campfire to Shelter base ( the one you can get from becoming a Vegas citizen ). ( REMARK, IF YOU ALREADY HAVE SHELTER BASE AND DON'T SEE A CAMPFIRE - MESSAGE KOMISAR VINET FOR RESETING )
-Now you can find something very special in Shelter base.
-Now you can craft Rad Away via your Defender armor.
-Small changes in Vault City.
-San Francisco was partly changed basing on recent lore actions.
-Added Name tags ( special event reward items )
-Added "Old Sarmatian" beer ( Lore of Sarmatia ).
-Added Point Poseidon Naval Fortress which will be a new base for Enclave instead of Richardson Military Base.
-Added 2 more end-of-the-dungeon lockers to Ares Rocket Silo.
-Fixed broken textures of Antiradin and Vitamin D.
-Fixed Defender not playing music.
-Fixed SurviveOS running without Defender.
-Merged Game events with Discord
-Added butchers to Sarmatia and Fort Pelagious.
-Added Fort Pelagious.
-Shady Sands changed basing on recent lore events.