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Patch 4.0E

Another part of Season 4 changelog! Remember after download a game client run a updater.exe

I BURST Dev team

Item Perks

Added new item perks:
-Bonus Attack Speed: 5% AP Regen
-More Critical Damage: 5-40% more critical damage for ranged weapons
-Spiked: 10-60% more critical damage for melee weapons
-Defensive Belt: 2% damage reduction
-Integrated Gloves: 10 melee damage
Changed perks for:
-ESR01 to Scoped, More Critical Damage, More Critical Damage
-HP DKS-501 to Scoped, Scoped, More Critical Damage
-YK32 Pulse Pistol to Penetrate, More Critical Damage, More Critical Damage
-Red Ryder BB gun to Bonus Attack Speed, Bonus Attack Speed, Bonus Attack Speed
-.223 Pistol to Bonus Attack Speed,Bonus Attack Speed, Better Critical
-Pancor Jackhammer to Bonus Attack Speed, Knockback, Bonus Attack Speed
-Light Support Weapon to Scoped, Fast Trigger, Bonus Attack Speed
-Magneto Laser Pistol to Bonus Attack Speed, Better Critical, Killing Spree
-Crowbar to Spiked, More Critical, More Critical
-Spiked Knuckles to Spiked, More Critical, Smasher!
-Ripper to Spiked, Spiked, Spiked

-Hubologist's Robes to Regeneration, Defensive Belt, Shock Protection
-Heavy Metal Armor to Terminator, Defensive Belt, Iron Skin
-Desert Combat Armor to Lethal Protection, Gain Luck, Defensive Belt
-Firegecko Leather Armor to Bonus Move, Gain Agility, Integrated Gloves
-Combat Leather Jacket to Gain Perception, Integrated Gloves, Integrated Gloves
-Infernal Armor to Explosive Belt, Gain Endurance, Integrated Gloves
-NCR Combat Armor to Defense Enhancement, Integrated Gloves, Bonus Move


Finished ingame config
Disabled shooting in vault city
Changed global loot drop according to season progress
Added car license, able to get in Junkyard
Driving car without license can cause car crash 30%
Driving car under alcohol can cause car crash 1%
Mutants left Vault 14 after break of Master Army
Added Weekly rewards for TC
Shorter Knockouts
Changed traders item pool
Increase spawning currency in traders
Added more items to caves
Changed Crafting for electronic lockpick and electronic lockpick mk2
Disabled Reno Wars till patch 4.1
Added Sorus quest to reactor 54
Changed mobs in treasure map T3 location
Fixed typos in a lot of dialogs ( thanks to falloutmodder )
Added a new location for Infinity Dungeon to enter ( "Infinity" Mines )
Added a new special encounter - "Horsemen of the Post Apocalypse"
Multiple map fixes
Multiple bug fixes

Added new currency spending:
-San Francisco or NCR for install implants(100,000)
-Salt Lake City or Lost Hills for Roger who can upgrade gear(50,000)
-Adytum or Modoc for skill books(5000)
-New Reno or Junkyard for cars(depends on car)
-Den or Hawthorne for get experience(6900 for 5000 exp)
-Redding or Vegas for gambling machine(1000)
-Hub or Broken Hills for private mine machine(100,000)
-Glow or Gecko for private junk machine(100,000)
-Vault City or Junktown for Gear Reroll(depends on perk level)
-Klamath or Necropolis for Random Base(50,000)