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Patch 1.2

Hello again! Small patch because we were updating between patches, most important are Tier 4 crafting, Cathedral dungeon and Halloween event.
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I BURST Dev team

Patch 1.2 Notes

-Now you can see what class perk by awarness
-Small fix of AI of mobs
-Man of Steel now decrease tier of critical hit instead -15 critical power
-Locations changed by war events: Broken Hills, Modoc, Adytum, Vegas, San Francisco and Den
-NPCs on war event give expierence
-BoS, NCR, VC and Enclave patrols have Super Stipacks now
-Unlocked Tier 4 crafting
-Reworked trader events, now it will be more rare time but rare items
-Added a new repeatable quest in Broken Hills ( Vault City settlement ).
-Added a new repeatable quest in "Happy Stockman's" in Adytum.
-Added a new repeatable quest in Vegas ( David in NCR embassy ).
-Added "Happy Stockman's" in Adytum. However these guys don't have much stuff in stock for now...
-Paladin Lucifer's quest in Necropolis is now repeatable.
-No stealing now working only on NO-PvP locations
-Iron Grip give immune for weapon drop and criple arm
-Nemean implant give now 20 hp
-Broken Hills mine is a mini dungeon now.
-Several locations got retextured in Halloween theme
-Endless walkers have less resistances now
-Added Cathedral dungoen where you get to T4 crafting room
-Fixes exploits and bugs
-Special implants can be installed over 6 times
-Soldier correctly changing gender, now when you taking it when you are women you became shemale
-Soldier got additional stats:
+1 second for every cooldown
+1 tier of critical hit for opponent
-1 skill point per level
-1% expierence from loner and Switf learner

Mini patch 1.06

-fixed nerf of randomboy
-changed Critical hit table
-few map fixes
-Klamath Enclave Outpost Dungeon is Open!
-changed Ranged of Pancor Jackhammer to 19
-changed Damage of Pancor Jackhammer to 15-35
-changed AC Mod in 12 ga. Gecko's Breath Shotgun Shells for 260

Patch 1.11

-changed critical Table again avaible on wiki
-changed damage Laser Rifle to 40-60 from 50-60
-changed damage Sniper Rifle to 35-40 from 25-35
-changed damage P90 to 15-30 from 15-25
-Mutant get 100 extra HP
-Choosen One get 3 perks
-Fixes and changed Klamath outpost
-fixed PE over 10 bug
-fixed exploit with mutant and deathclaw if anyone of you used barber due change skin please contact with us, or you may get banned!