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Patch 2.7

Finger print lock, blueprints, and infinity dungeon!

Patch 2.7

-Added to game new technology - finger print lock, allows a player to share a car with to up 8 chars, cannot be picked in bases/tents, you can find FP-Lock in VT-cases, dungeon locker
-changed positions of ladder in Infinity Dungeon
-Random NPCs will apear in infinity dungeon
-decreased chance for rare items in infinity dungeon
-added new level in inifity dungeon: temple
-added chance to loot implants in infinity dungeon(from temple level)
-Deathclaw have now 20 crit power protection for body
-Soldier have 1% to knockout hisself during any action
-Randomboy got minimal skill based on level and gifted trait
-Changed item costs
-Unique icons for every blueprint
-Solar Scorcher can be crafted.
-Changed Brotherhood desert Crashed event.
-Added a Raiders' Base ( Khans' Base )
-Changed inventory texture of the laser rifle and sniper rifle ( credits go to Gaunt )
-Added new vehicles in the game.
-Some changes in the work of the dungeon containers.
-Abbey is now occupied by the cult.

we may miss something

Patch 2.61

-Turrets buffed everywhere.
-Hawthorne and Area 51 Laser Towers can't be crippled.
-Fixed bugs in Vault 32.
-Removed T4 spawners from Sacramento
-Bosses in Ares are buffed.
-Lucius in Vault 12 is buffed, his tier was changed.
-Unlocked infinity dungeon in tunnel! PvE solo/co-op(remember to tag one person who crossing grid!)
-Fixed Unity dialog

patch 2.62

Infinity Dungeon:
-fixed bug with teleporting to WM
-changed chance to spawn ladder to 35%
-less chance to get t4 part
-unlocked biom tier 4 - Deepest caves
-buffed little bit mobs


-fixed infinity dungeon deep caves
-removed gaining mine after disarm them
-removed pulse nade from TC
-pulse nade wipe