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Patch 2.1

Hi again, today smaller patch because week ago was patch 2.05 so we had less time to make more features, we focus on 3 main things, our lovely patreons, metal armors perks and balance. Also we are planning really fast technical patch 2.11...


Added passive perks to Metal Armor MKII(reflecting laser damager 80%, electric 50% and normal 10%), Harderned Metal Armor(Immune for Heavy Handed)
Added Active perks to Infernal Armor(active will explode yourself deal damage based on your traps skills) and Heavy Armor(for 10 secound your rise all your DR for 50% and 30 DT, but lose speed boost and having negative AP regen)
Changed discharge tesla armor(now fill whole circle, and perks work on it)
Renamed Super Mutant Armor to Heavy Armor
Encounter Bosses will be more visible
Reworked Van Graffs caravan(starting in reno to redding then to den, then to klamath and back)
Added skinned highwayman
Added 3 new bases for patreons
Added dynamic lights to all patreon bases
Added cooldowns to Lucifer quest and Max quest
Added Enclave Quartermaster.
Added gramophone! ( For now more like a test function ) You can play music on it if you have a vynil record in your inventory/hand.
Some new graphics added. PLEASE RUN UPDATER!


Laser gatling damage changed to 64-74
Plasma SMG damage changed to 27-45
P90 damage changed to 25-35
M60 damage changed to 30-50
XL70E3 damage changed to 20-40
Cannibal Drugs timeouts changed to 8 minutes


fixed cookie
maps fixes
dialogs fixes
NSA listening post if fully fixed and opened.
Several changes in Vault 13 level 2.
Boneyard, New Reno Carstop, Notrhill, Vault 13 level 3 maps updated
Unknown Signal: Mutant scenario underground map updated with several changes.

Patch 2.05

-added addition to chem reliant
-fixed drug timer in chem reliant
-non canibals can't drink blood
-brain now showing movement speed bonus
-eye gives also 15 laser DR
-Ear gives also 4 LK
-Liver gives also 3 ST
-Heart gives also 4 EN

-TC not request armors
-Drug Traders selling bloodpacks
-changed prince of combat armor from 10000 to 3500
-removed huge amounts of fire gecko ammo from T3 lockers
-encounter events should show up normaly
-lost signal should disapear after event
-caravans fix
-fixes in Broken Hills mine
-fixes in Wind of War
-fixed trait descriptions