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Patch 1.4

Rework events and new events


I BURST Dev team


-reworked raiding event - reward giver givings VT-Cases Now
-reworked Trader event - during event trader gain high barter skill
-added new events - Crashed Vertibird, NCR train, Brotherhood hummer and Vault City police car - all its dynamic world map events
-added personal dungeons maps, can be bought or find in dungeons, VT-Cases, also in weekend update will be avaible by shopkeeper in tresure hunters club
-Plague event its ON, now every human death will left walking dead
-Base Control reward spawning now every full hour and it can not spawn empty
-add new location: Treasure Hunters Club, near Hawthorne
-both attacks for G11 and G11E cost 1 AP less
-Changed Hawthorne
-Few changes in Den outpost
-Added 3D printer option in Den Outpost computer - player can print G11 if he/she has required caps and BP
-Few changes in Area 51, made the dungeon ( camp ) more lore friendly like it was in Fallout of Nevada. Now player will need to restart the generator to open doors in barracks. Doors can close in 5 minutes, so player should be careful.
-added Metal Armor MKII with Laser pointers
-added Gas Mask Helmet



-fixed Gatling Laser crafting
-fixed LA dogs quest
-fixed Cyborg Tiger tier 3
-fixes in crafting
-map fixes
-fixes server site bugs
-fixed mirror shades and goggles

Patch 1.5

War event rework and enclave Oil Rig

War Event

-Spawns are closed location where enemy can't get in
-On spawn there is officer where you can:
+return to battle,
+buy some gear(Weapon, ammo, drugs or T4)
+Leave Event
-fixed mutant and sneak issue
-winners finish event near NCR instead Hub
-on death you get caps depends on enemy points(you can echange them with officer)


-added ability to buy crashed vertibird - 10 milions
-added to droploot vertibird parts - very rare, hightest chance in sierra
-unlocked Enclave Oil Rig Dungeon
-added Lost Signal event - mini quest
-added to craft adv. power helmets and wakizashi
-wakizashi damage changed from 14-26 to 20-80
-fixed personal dung maps
-changed weekly events
-Fixed maps
-Changed Hawthrone
-Few changes in Shady Sands
-New location: Fort Seth
-Added a small bandits hideout in New Reno Car Mart