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Patch 5.3

Summary of patch 5.3, which introduces grenade rework, super mutant class rework, clone class, new perks, and synergy between them,
an important change regarding perks:
-Perks: won't work after you uninstall WE stat needed to take it
as well as a lot of balance changes and in control points,
new rewards for New Reno wars, and the beginning of a new Mid-Season which resets the ranking leaderboard and forces players to reroll their characters.


Marksman Synergy

changed perk components to: Hit the Gaps, Better Criticals, Spray and Pray

Ranger Synergy

changed perk components to: Sharpshooter, Quick Recovery, Right Between the Eyes

Nader Synergy 

Heave Ho!, Demolition Boy, Hit and Run - Grenades unlock perks depending on the owner's armor level and Nader Synergy

New perks:


Demolition Boy

Increases area effect damage by 10% and area effect radius by 1, Level 9 perk, 6 Strength


Hit and Run

Doubles movement speed for 3 seconds when attacking or using first aid/doctor on a target with Melee or Throwing weapons,  Level 6 perk, 150 Close Combat or Throwing skill

-Sorted grenades into 3 types: Explosive Grenades, Fire Grenades, Energy Grenades
-Split grenades into tiers: Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Tier 5
-Changed all grenades stats
-Added Fire Bombs, Battle Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, Inferno Grenade, Tech Grenade
-Perks on throwing weapons will only work if the owner has armor with the appropriate level and Nader Synergy
-Grenades/spears in war events tiers can be obtained by buying experience points for the backpack.
-DR/DT pene in grenade: explosive -10% DR per tier, -25% DT per tier, fire -5% DR per tier, -20% DT per tier, EW 2% DR per tier, -10% DT per tier









Class: Clone

Level required: 150.


Favorite Weapon: Laser Weapons. 5% chance to bounce attack to another target (like ETG).
PvE ability: Deals 5% less damage against NPCs.
Basic critical power range: 0-50.
Ability to create a NPC companion with the same stats and gear.
You gain 25 Clone War (CW) for every point of Charisma.
Clone player deals +50% damage when the Clone NPC is dead.


Grants immunity to knockouts, knockbacks, knockdowns and heavy-handed. (Works for both you and your clone)
When NPC Clone is alive and Player Clone dies, instant revive but clone dies.
Lose 4 Healing Rate for each point of Luck.
Can't see team markers.
Can't install Implants.


Clone NPC:

PvE perks don't work for the NPC.
Added command ~clone to spawn clone. 9 minutes cooldown. Can be triggered with speech.
Gives vision around even when dead.
Clone cannot use grenades, throwing knives, or any "stackable weapons".
Reacts to marks: Red: aggressive +50% damage, -20% DR. Purple: defensive -50% damage, +20% DR. Blue or unmarked: no changes.

Class: Super Mutant

Level required: 50.



Favorite Weapon: Rocket Launchers. +1 Splash Damage, ignore DT.
Critical power range: 0-25.
PvE ability: Deals 1% max HP against NPCs (own max HP).


Hit Points:

+3 Endurance.
Double your Hit Points.
Lose 2 HP per Agility.


Damage Protection:

20% Damage Protection.
0.4% Damage Protection for every 1% missing Hit Points.
For each Endurance, gets 1% Damage Protection (capped at 20%).
1% Damage Protection per Fury stack.
Can't get extra Damage Protection, but their DP stacks in sum.
Upon reaching 25 Fury, lose all Damage Protection and gain 500% extra damage for 10 seconds.



Applies 10 Slow to Attackers.
Cannot run.
Can't wear Small Guns or Robes.


Balance changes:

-Perks: Perks will now require the necessary attribute points to take them. For example, Lethal Protection requires 6 Perception, so if you have only 4 Perception, you can take a +2 Perception stat boost to unlock the perk. However, if you later uninstall that stat boost, Lethal Protection will no longer work.
-Intelligence implants: Intelligence implants will no longer increase skill points gained when leveling up.
-Added command ~randomboy | ~rb: A new command has been added to force a random roll for 5 minutes and 5 seconds. This command can be used in the barter skill. The results of the roll will be displayed in the message box.
-Randomboy: Randomboy will no longer roll on tick effects.
-Extra DR penetration protection: The extra DR penetration protection for Infantry, Priest, Super Mutant, and Leader has been changed to 5/12/15/20 from 10/15/20/25.
-Bounty Hunter: The extra cash earned during war events for each bounty stack has been lowered from 10% to 2%. Bounty stacks will now drop 1 per minute.
-Bounty Power: The bounty power will drop by 1 if the owner has the Quick Fingers perk.
-Bounty Hunter: The bounty power for energy weapons has been changed:

Signal Pistol 2
Solar Scorcher 1
Fire Rifle 2
Alien Blaster 1
Pyro Rifle 4
Heat Machine 3
Laser Pistol 1
Magneto Pistol 1
Laser Rifle 3
Gatling Laser 2
Commisar Pistol 1
Turbolaser 4
Plasma Pistol 1
Plasma Pistol MK.II 1
Plasma SMG 2
Plasma Rifle 4
Turbo Plasma Rifle 3
Plasma Gatling 4
Electro Zipgun 1
Pulse Pistol 1
ELECTRO rocket Launcher 2
Prototype 14 4
Pulse Rifle 5

-Paramedic perk no longer removes bounty on revive.
-Patreons are unable to use the heal option in base for 5 minutes after death.
-Raider has immunity to lost turn effect.
-Cyborg has immunity to bleed effect.
-Regulator Bruiser can run but movement speed is capped at -10%.
-Heave Ho! - 10% DR penetration per item tier for throwing
-Deathclaw weapon upgrade cost 3x but on evolve, evolving helmet (war event)

-Assault Rifles received a buff with +15% minimum damage and +20% maximum damage.
-Shotguns received a buff with +30% minimum damage and a nerf with -10% maximum damage.
-Modifications for tier 4 shotgun ammo have been changed:
Explosive -100% DT.
Laser -20% DR.
-Machine Gun now deals 100% damage on one hex.
-The AP cost for using boxing gloves has been increased from 3 to 5.
-Explosive small guns have had their radius changed based on tier (tier 1 = 1, tier 3 = 3, etc.). 

-Changes to armor stats:
Unity Robe: Laser 2/10%, Plasma 2/10%, Explosive 2/10%, Electro 2/10%.
Hubologist Robe: Laser 2/10%, Fire 2/10%, Explosive 2/10%, Electro 2/10%.
Bridgekeeper's Robe: Laser 2/10%, Plasma 2/10%, Explosive 2/10%, Fire 2/10%.

Other changes:

- New Reno Wars: Losing team doesn't lose reputation. Added the ability to play in the casino for reputation, which can drop currency, implants, leveled gear, WE stat, and t4 ammo. 
-Added immunity at the start of the war event and when respawning near an officer (new Reno Wars too).
-War Event Officers sells now: tier 1 leather armors, RadX, Drug Antidote, tier 2 grenade backpacks, tier 1 spear backpack
-Added command ~sort to sort inventory items.
-Effects of drugs no longer work on Bounty Hunter when taken before taking BH or using replicant.
-Effects of drugs clear when using replicant.
-Exp from mobs in Rockside scales with game patch - 5.0 x1, 5.1 x2, 5.2 x3, etc.
-Food exp boost now shows full cooldown.
-Killing/looting patrol will give you temporary hostile cooldown for the next patrols.
-Patrols split on encounter; they won't stay on a line.
-Resized cave encounters.
-finger print lock works on base's doors and lockers, please note that EBS may not working finger print lockers
-finger print lock difficulty to pick changed from 250-400 to 550-1000 (science+robbery)

Base Control:


Changed the base timer to 10 minutes.


The timer isn't affected by speech.


Limited Mariposa controlling area to surface and level 1.


Limited Area 51 controlling area to the hangar and floor 1.


Added hostile NPCs to Nuka Cola floor.


Added faction rankings for base control.

Turn-based control:


Clicking flag now has a 10-second cooldown per character to capture.


Added ranking for turn-based control.


-fixed unlocking alien companion
-fixed display exp on items
-fixed tiger module
-fixed level for combat master in patreon menu
-fixed Super Stimpak description
-fixed Bonus healing from meds from Quick Pockets
-fixed BCO description
-fixed dodger description
-added hubologist description
-fixed CW from utility hubologist
-War event guard npcs now protect flag
-fixed visual bug from max damage perk hubologist
-fixed floater animation
-fixed assassin description
-fixed finger print lock
-fixed mine elevators
-improved client stability