There will 2 main reputation: Wastelander and Raider, 5 faction reputation: Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, NCR, Vault City and Master Army Reputation, and 4 New Reno families reputation. Each reputation will have own effects of positive or negative, you may want have negative reputation for some effects.

Gains on:
-Take part in GM events: PvP, PvE, Turnbased
-Killing players with high Raider Reputation
-Finishing contracts quests
Lose on:
-Killing players without Raider Reputation out of active control area(TC,BC,ZC,Events)
-Killing neutral NPC in public locations
Effects of positive reputation
-(900+) Access to neutral caps traders(cathedral, Adytum train station, infinity mines, Junkyard, New Reno Stables)
-(300+) higher payment in caravans and contracts
-(300+) 10% barter for item prices
-(1500+) Green symbols near nickname
-(300+) Encounter by raiders groups
-(300+) Cannibal drugs doesn't drop by your kills
-(900+) 1 less damage per bullet
Effects of negative reputation
-(300-) Faster gain Raider Reputation
-(900-)10 more HP
-(300-)10% for robbery calculation
-(300-)Traders doesn't trade with you
-(900-)1 less perception
-(300-)10% less exp gain

Gains on:
-Killing players with high Wasteland reputation
-Selling slaves
Lose on:
-Killing players without Wasteland Reputation out of active control area(TC,BC,ZC,Events)
-Finishing contracts quests
Effects of positive reputation
-(300+)Access to raiders outposts
-(900+)5% party points
-(300+)higher slaves prices for sell
-(1500+)red symbols near nickname
-(300+)Encounter by bounty hunters groups
-(900+)random encounters are always public on World map
-(300+)hostile guards in neutral towns
Effects of negative reputation
-(300-)Faster gain Wasteland Reputation
-(900-)1 more AP
-(300-)10% for outdoorsman skill calculation
-(300-)High Raider Reputation Players deal 10% more damage to you
-(900-)1 less Endurance
-(900-)20% less world map speed

Gains on:
-Take part in War events where faction fight
-Complete faction missions(just for members)
-Donating faction with currency
Lose on:
-Killing players from factions out of active control area(TC,BC,ZC,Events)
-Openning factions case when you are not in faction
-Bad behavior(only for members)
-Joining other faction(lore)
Effects of positive reputation
-Access to faction premium traders and bankers
-Getting paidouts(just for members)
-faction keys and cases for sell
-less starting caps on reno wars
-longer base control timers
-less chance to find faction patrol
Effects of negative reputation
-faster other faction reputation gain
-5% more damage on war events against that faction
-10% more exp on other faction armors craft
-faction players can kill you without losing any reputation
-faction players see skull near your nickname
-faction traders doesnt trade with you
-lose 1(NCR[ST], VC[CH], BoS[INT], Enclave[LK], Master Army[AG])


World Changes


-Quest with global cooldown - only 1 person can take it in 1 time
-Simple Quest to kill all mobs in location, reward in wasteland reputation+/Raider reputation-
-Mostly on already earlier made maps like bases
-10 tiers of contract main lockers with chances for rare loot, rest lockers have similar loot to town one
-NPCs lootable like in dungeons
-24h cooldown for single char

-Changed base amount of currency to 500-1500 in guarded towns
-Changed base amount of currency to 1000-2500 in unguarded towns
-Added Factions traders(1 in 25 locations) which have higher chance to drop rare items, sell more items and have 2500-15000 currency(to trade with them you need faction's reputation)
-Added Neutral caps traders which have 50000-100000 caps no items
-Added raider outpost traders with normal trader items just instead currency have 5000-25000 caps

-Small changes in many maps
-Added dungeon maps to Rockside(12 big maps each with NPCs)
-Added player rooms to Rockside
-Added Tier 1 weapons trader to Rockside
-Added Wood chopping and Shit cleaning jobs to Rockside
-Added driver licence quest in Rockside
-Added 3 class perk trainers to Rockside
-You can't leave Rockside before level 5
-Boosted exp from ALL quests in game
-Changed global loot drop
-Boosted slaves prices for sell
-Map to Base now build a building site and require resources to build base
-Added to base manager ability to link base to faction
-Added to base manager ability to build workbenches
-Added to base manager ability to build containers

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