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Patch 2.6

Vault 32, Demo of Infinity Dungeon, balance fixes

Explode DR

Changed Explode damage resistance in:
-Metal Armor mk2 to 30
-Infernal Armor to 15
-Tesla Armor to 15
-Combat Armor MK2 to 35
-Brotherhood Armor to 35
-Enclave Armor to 35
-Vault City Armor to 35
-NCR Armor to 35


-Few changes in Tal Chem surface map.
-Added a boss to level 3 of Vault 12 in Necropolis.
-Changes of Hawthorne basing on latest mayor decisions.
-A new location added: Vault 32.
-A new event added: Vault 32 Massacre Games ( more details later ).
-crafting exp and materials changed
-Randomboy will have less rolls
-NCR few changes
-Added fibers plants to redding and klamath
-Added tier 1 and tier 2 treasure maps to towns loot
-From VT cases you can get Med Tec Antidote and Secruity access card
-added new skins to game

Infinity Dungeon

-Random tunnels with hordes of enemies and loot
-Location generated Randomly
-deeper you got better loot you get(for now just t4 parts coz all its in testing prase)
-for now unlocked 3 levels: sewers, metro, cave
-dungeon will be unlocked at sunday
-you can enter there by hole in tunnel location


-Fixed some dialogs in Rockside.
-Small fixes in Unknown Signal: Abandoned Ship scenario
-Randomboy fixes
-Cyborg Claw implant bug fixed
-War Event mobs rushing bug fixed
-Map fixes
-fixed Spray and Pray bug
-fixed Bounty Hunter - Cannibal bug