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Patch 2.5

Zone Control, and quality of life changes!

Turn-Based Control

Added new control system - Turn-Based Control:
-4 location to capture: outpost near SF, New Reno and Adytum; Themepark, every outpost its small map with 8 entrances
-combat in Turn-Base
-everytime there is low hp tier 2 mobs like 1-5 units
-to capture you must influence flag by using it, you will get 1 score + 0.01 x your speech
-when get 100 flag change to your faction and existing mobs on area starting fighting each other
-when again control new mobs will come from your faction
-reward locker spawning 10% VT keys each hour or rare items like v13 key or rare ammo


-Removed limit of skill points in reroll
-Added a training ground in Lost Hills for Brotherhood of Steel members.
-Hawthorne changed basing on recent mayor's decisions.
-Salvatore now works together with Enclave.
-Added a new event - "Salvatore's Hidden Base" ( all details will be described later )
-Improved Oil Rig

Randomboy changes:

-Fixed Heavy Ho!! stacking
-Fixed toughness
-Fixed HtH Criticals


-Fixed problem with RadX
-Fixed Hinkley Mobs agro problem
-Fixed bugged Den spawner.
-Improved names for Electro Rocket, Electro Rocket launcher, Shock Nade, Radioactive Rocket, Laser Spear, M16 and some skill magazines

Small Changes:

-You can wear with holding CTRL Gas Mask and VC Helmet
-You can read with holding CTRL all books
-You can use First Aid/doctor Kits or Tools with hoilding CTRL
-Added a skill checker display on Area 51 generator number 1.
-The door in the tunnel can now be opened via fixing wires for 23 minutes instead of 14.
-All ghouls in the Tunnel will spawn in the tunnel itself in order to prevent them stacking.
-Aria, Leo and Sir Charles Oustin left NCR and arrived to Hawthorne.
-On Events you will able to find new gear