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Patches 2.3-2.4

Patches was uploaded to Discord Server earlier, here is reupload

Patch 2.3

-Added Daily Quest in Treasure Hunters Club - Random location, with random loot and random mobs
-Reworked RandomBoy: now not getting extra stats but your stats are rolled for new one, also now rolling perks, roll happen in by random action like shotting or getting hit or entering to new location, you have 5% that roll will happen, new stats soon on wiki
-New base - Shelter - buy in Tombstone

-changed DR Mod of Small Energy Cells from -3 to 3
-changed DR Mod of Electric fusion cells from -40 to -20
-changed Range of weapons: Laser Pistol to 20, Magneto Laser Pistol to 20, Plasma Pistol to 15, Plasma Pistol Ext Cap to 15, Pulse Pistol to 15
-changed base caps income in settlement to 500
-removed fly time of hexshots
-Changed Den map
-Few changes in Amdee
-Remade doors in SLC underground
-Added more options to Brotherhood quartermaster
-drug antidote now decrese 50 hp
-super mutant now can gear HPA

Patch 2.31

-fixed exit grid in daily quest
-fixed Salt Lake City Sewers map
-removed big spawns of pulse nades - big stacks of it we replace with shock nades
-Added a new dungeon - Vault Tec HQ. It is located under the Brotherhood outpost in Boneyard. To access it you will need a Security card ( NSA security card ).
-Added a Palace guard in NCR. The president now has the access to the Presidential Palace.
-fixed terminal in storage base

Patch 2.35

-Randomboy changes: 0,05% for new roll, hp and ap rolls changed
-fixes many maps errors
-Phazer and pusle nades damage changed
-War Event: mutants and sneakers will get their armor on start, cigarattes and throwing knives are for sale now.

Patch 2.4

-Changed Cannibal Drugs:
*Blood Pack use cost is 5 AP now
*Liver now give 4 normal DT
*Eye now give 13% Laser DR
-Electronic lockpick mk2 fixed, now it have 5x less chance to break up
-fixed bug with negative lockpick skill while openning VT-Cases
-now when last mob in v14/v15 died spawnning huge wave
-fixed bug with high perpection spawning outside map on random encounter
-TB events now have random maps(cave, sewers)
-unlocked Oil Rig
-added to hinkley: Cannibal drugs, HK caws, Plasma SMG, Pulse pistol, and set of helmets, all needler ammo
-fixed Cyborg tactical tier 3 implants

-teams on hinkley have own tags
-Added a school in NCR ( with a small quest ).
-Changed Necropolis ( basing on recent events )
-Some changes in Den
-Changed Brotherhood Outpost in Den.
-Vault 12 questgiver changed.
-Changed Chosen One special encounter. The dialog should work now.
-Changed mobs' loot in Lost Hills: Ambushed scenario.
-Added 2 dungeon spawn containers to Vault Tec HQ dungeon.
-Fixed VT HQ bug of spawning inside the rock.
-Removed town containers from Lost Hills bunker.
-Added extra options to Brotherhood and Enclave quartermasters.
-faction settlement will be attacked every sunday by raiders, if you not defend it they will blow up your door for forever what can cause that other players will get your caps
-you can recruit in faction settlement: slaver and caravan master