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Season 2

Officially we want announce a second season of FOnline 3, with new season you will expect bigger patch notes and server wipe - all items, bases, tents, characters amd progress will be gone, new season will start at 22.02.2020

Patch 1.8

Small patch, maps reworks and some important fixes, but what most important its a last patch of season 1(of course will be patch 1.9 but it will have only prewipe madness changes)


I BURST Dev team

Patch 1.8 Notes

-added town-preview images to: Abbey, Temple, Fort Seth by Wezu
-added new entire in mariposa, also you can use broken right elevator, and hole between level 2 and level 3
-added new entires in area 51, added new aliens, green grid to old ventil spawn, and hole between level 1 and level 2
-after raiding event(request to kill all raiding mobs) guards stop agro.
-changed position of spawns in necropolis, hawthorne, raiders cave.
-reworked Fort Seth map
-fixed caravan bugs
-removed limit of players in caravans

balanse changes
-Napalm Blaster damage 140-215
-Plasma Gatling damage 67-84