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Patch 2.2

T4 patch + much fixes, some balance adjusts, New LabX7 and many others


-Packrat now increse carry weight 2x
-Sequence scalled by pecerption is 3x
-changed critical table(avaible on wiki)
-added to game 2 T4 weapons: AK-47 and Mega Sledge
-Added continuation of X7
-added to game T4 armor: stealth armor
-added T4 blueprints
-New textures.
-unlocked portal to cathedral in Salt Lake City Sewers
-Added new rewards in war event(T4 parts, VT keys, combat implants)
-Added option to auto balance teams in war event in case players can't balance by theirself
-lowered exp for short caravans and increse exp in longer caravans(up to 50%)
-unlocked T4 crafting, T4 ammo crafting but for now we keep locked ability to buy t4 machinery in faction settlement to patch 2.4
-disabled repairing T4 items
-changed stats in metal mask mk2, vault city helmet and gas mask
-New location: NSA listening post Bravo
-New location: Amdee Air Force Base
-Added 2 new cars
-Changed 1st level of tunnel
-Added new music.

New T4

Damage: 25-48
Ammo: 30x5mm
Range: 48 single, 25 burst
AP Cost: 5 single, 6 burst
Burst Rounds: 30

Mega Sledge
Damage: 50-99
Range: 3
AP Cost: 3 swing, 4 thrust

Stealth Armor
Normal: 40/6
Laser: 40/9
Fire: 30/4
Plasma: 50/5
Explode: 40/6
Electric: 50/3
Crit: -30/-30


-fixed spawn events on ocean
-fixed faction settlement bugs(guards, manager)
-fixed dungoen mobs AI
-fixes in fake vault
-fixes in sky tower
-fixed stills in bases
-fixed reflecting
-Fixed Ship event.
-Few fixes in windofwar.
-fixed talchem ghoul spwaning in wall
-fixed faction names display
-dialog fixes

Patch 2.15

New Content:

-Changed TalChem surface map
-Added a new Lost Signal event scenario: Abandoned Ship.

In a distance you can see a huge ship, half sank in the sand. Rumors say that this place contains a beast... But you are not the one who can be spooked by some rumors... Aren't you?

-Few minor changes in underground facility of Lost Signal mutants scenario.
-For those who search: Changed 1 terminal dialog in Glow, added new terminal dialogs to TalChem
-Removed mines from Weffer and Senior Paladin Darius.
-Changed music file for the red vinyl record. 


-Fixed different doors which had no protection against explosions.
-Fixed lights in V41
-Fixed scenery graphics
-Fix 5mm JHP crafting
-Fixed terminals in new bases
-Fixed doctors in Provo and Fort Seth
-Fixed guard triggers in Provo
-Fixed guard npcs in Rockside
-Changed quest demands for Jerry
-Fixed Foxlove's quest
-Fixed Chosen One's special encounter