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Patch 1.1

Hello again! Watch out because first tactical update bombardment starts now! We have many fixes, important changes in balance and many other things!We are trying our best, but its impossible to make everyone happy! In the next patch you can expect even more content in patch notes.

Run Updater for Client changes!


I BURST Dev team

Character Building

-Bounty Hunter perk can take Healing drugs like stimpacks etc 
-Deathclaw perk can wear all HtH weapons, for spears/hammers range increse for 1 
-Soldier perk got few addition stats, more info soon 
-Randomboy perk now have always minimum damage
-Incresed walk time animation for Mutant skins 
-Man of Steel perk gives 15 critical power resist 
-Healing rate working normaly on first aid cooldown 
-Pyromaniak perk works on Firegecko shotgun ammo 
-Healer Perk Heals 50-100 extra hitpoints. 
-Spray and Pray now ignores all Crit Armor power resist 
-Hit the Gaps and Right between the Eyes now ignore all Armor Crit chance resist 
-Wearing Weapon halves movement speed 
-movement speed cap changed to 50% 
-Critical Rolls changed, before every roll it was on Endurance, now cripling arms its on ST, Cripling legs on LK 
-Stonewall KO formula changed you get 5% resist for KO for each Endurance point: 20 EN = 100%


-Special edition nuka cola is now yellow 
-M79 Grenade Launcher ammo count changed from 3 to 2 
-M79 Grenade Launcher damage changed from 50-90 to 10-100 
-Pancor Jackhammer range in burst changed from 30 to 15 
-H&K CAWS range in burst changed from 30 to 15 
-M16 AP cost for single shots changed from 4 to 5 
-Avenger Minigun damage changed from 12-15 to 11-15 
-Gatling Laser damage changed from 64-84 to 44-94 
-ELECTRO Rocket Launcher range changed from 40 to 45 
-Mega power first damage changed from 20-40 to 30-40
-Crafting Reworked

World Changes

-Changed weapons for Super Mutants in dungeons 
-Vault 14 and Vault 15 have longer time spawner 
-Klamath, Junktown, Gecko, Adytum, NCR, Hub and Necropolis changed because of War and Live Wasteland events
-Vault 12 is now opened
-Fixed spawns bug in Hawthorne 
-Added special 5 bases(not avaible, can be just given) 
-Map changes: Vault 13, Sierra Army Depot, Glow, Rockside, Talchem, Vegas, Adytum, Ares
-Placed mobs in vegas cave and put few containers with trash stuff there.
-Necropolis sewers are a mini dungeon now
-Added a quest of Paladin Lucifer in Nevropolis.
-Added a Nick's quest and Mrs. Mercury's museum in Adytum
-Added Felix's quest in Klamath

Supporters and Beta Testers Rewards

-Custom bases below 
-Access to Fake Vault - 10 PM CEST 17.10.2019 
-Access to Sky Tower - 8 PM CEST 19.10.2019
-Don't want a base? Choose Tradis vehicle 
-Colorized car 
-Glowing Item

Skins list

Game Masters

To help Moderate Game we hire 2 GMs.

"I initally applied for GM because I was really interested in the well-being of this server. It looks promising and seems to have much potential to become the best FOnline server ever released. What I want, is to play a part in keeping the integrity of the server, as well as assisting those who need help understanding it. In a sense, GMs give games more longevity I think."


"I did candidate for GameMaster since I understand how the game and community works. Keeping peace and orderliness there is time-consuming and often people comes with trivialities to Developers, so there GMs comes to deal with players problems relieving the Developers."