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Patch 1.6

Special encounters and factions tag and many more!


I BURST Dev team

Patch notes:

-add faction TAGs, for now NPCs faction, but faction leaders who want tags please PM me with faction ID, max 5 symbols for tag, color RGB
-fixed showing somebody class
-fixed maps to dungeons
-Hawthorne changed
-Few changes in Lost Signal. Added a container on the surface, added a terminal in the bunker itself. Now you can open the door either via the terminal, or via lockpicking it, also fixed location visibility.
-New map with new story and concept for Lost Signal events - Notrhill Case.
-Other small fixes in dialogs.
-fixed war event timer
-Allow to NPCs Faction to take part in TC
-added 10 Special encounters:

Patch 1.7

Faction Settlements, Bases and balance and many more!


-removed Base Control by NPCs - if it back, it will back in diffrent form
-fixed TC militia spawns
-fixed encounter NPC factions
-fixed Necropolis NPC factions
-Black Cross Department Outpost changed
-some map fixes
-nades and throwing knives are also sort as ammo
-Changed Adytum
-Few changes in Area51
-Few changes in Brotherhood outpost in Den.
-Changed Christian dialog in Hawthorne.
-Felix in Klamath now gives +15 to Science for completing his quest.
-Fixed Kira May's dialog in NCR.

Balance changes

-Changed Healing rate: 20 seconds CD, 10 with Fast Metabolism, also 3rd nemean its -5 to CD
-Fixed Pyromaniak, now works on:
Solar Scorcher, molotovs, Napalm Blaster
-changed frag nades damage from 50-75 to 75-125
-changed plasma nades damage from 70-130 to 100-150
-changed shock nades damage from 90-140 to 100-150
-changed throwing knives damage from 28-40 to 50-100


-Added 3 factions bases(imagines below)
-Added Tombstone settlement in Fort Seth. The settlement has multiple quests and characters with own history. Some of the quests can give different bonuses to skills.
-New event in progress - Taxes Day. Details will be later.
-Added 2 factions settlements(cost 2 milion caps and 15 leather hides(t4 part) and many materials)

Added faction Settlement system:

1.Location its public
2.There is locked area only for faction members
3.Trader who spawning gear and rare items depends on Caravan's crews
4.Settlement manager who can:
A. recruit workers, guards, Caravan Crews
B. Upgrading: Advanced Workbench 500k caps, Medical Terminal 1kk, T4 Machinery 30kk
C. Checking settlements status
D. He is getting Settlement 5000 caps income plus depends on workers
E. Payout income
5.Guards(max 25)
A. Can be recruited with leather armor, Metal Armor(25k), Desert Combat Armor(50k), Power Armor(500k), Advanced Power Armor(1kk)
B. Can be recruited with level, tier 1(5 level, 100k), tier 2(15 level, 150k), tier 3(30 level, 250k), tier 4(50 level, 500k)
C. Guards need your weapon and ammo, they are not lootble but you most provide him ammo.
D. You can level up guards, cost its guard_level * 5000.
E. He takes 500 caps from your income
F. You can fire him from job

6.Caravaner(max 30) :

A. he takes 5000 caps from your income
B. increase trader spawns(including caps),
C. decrease trader barter(better prices for you)
D. increase chance for rare loot(chances on wiki)
E. recruit cost is 150k
F. You can fire him from job
7. Worker(max 30)
A. increase income for 1000 caps.
B. cost 200k and 400 wood(he must alive outside your settlement
C. if worker its dead you not getting income but he will respawn
8. Income and trader items refreshing every 1 hour
9. when you run out of caps, your base its deleted