Patch 3.1

Big Patch, balance, navarro, gear skins, also I want mention that after this patch next big patch may come really late, I'm Really sorry for that ~KompreSor

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Main Patch

-Mutant get 15% less damage
-Soldier get -1 AP cost for all actions
-Randomboy HP mod from Endurance changed from 24 to 22
-Added Navarro Dungeon, lvl2 working like v14/v15 but with triple chance for loot
-v14/v15/navarro 2nd tier will clear always when players leave area
-unlocked t4 crafting
-unlocked Oil Rig
-unlocked Infinity Dungeon lvl 5 - Temple
-fixed Comersial traders
-Solar Scorcher Range changed to 25
-bring back classic skins of sniper rifle, laser rifle, hunting rifle and desert eagle
-Added Upgrade parts drop only from dungeon tier I/II/III, after using on item it gives from 7500-15000 exp
-posibility to reskin gear in Vault City Valerie(for now Metal Armor mkII, Plasma Rifle, Laser Rifle ext mag, Sniper Rfile, .223 Pistol, Plasma Pistol ext mag, Avenger Minigun, hunting rifle, Desert Eagle exp mag)
-New Reno Comersial Traders after get a key will announce it globaly.
-Added Fort Villins - new Raiders' Base.
-Added new quest in Fort Villins
-Changed price for FA books in Vegas book machines.
-Add a new unique vehicle.
-themepark add spawns

Previous Updates

-PvE Perks reseting now
-AP roll changed from 0-5 to 0-3
-Melee Damage Roll changed from 0-100 to 0-40
-Healing Rate Roll changed from 1-80 to 1-30
-removed crit chance roll

-Getting 4% MS from each faction member on map
-CD and how long flag stay now are equal - NOTE 1 CH leader can be playble

OneHander doesnt work on stackble weapons anymore(nades, throwing kvifes)

fixed bug that ladders in infinity dungeon didnt apear

Added new critters, surprise coming on Thursday.

Slightly decreased the basic damage of regular grenades.

Slightly improved the basic damage of throwing knives.

Plasma Rifle range now is 28 hexes.

Removed HIFLO from Gloria's quest rewards.

even previous

Randomboy changes:
-Roll chance changed from 1/6% to 1/3%
-PvE Perks now rolling with level
-You can't roll Choosen One and Paramedic anymore
-Negative DR is back(up to -4)

Utility gives now 50 CW(can be rised by Pack Rat)

Patrols drops currency now

Frag Granade Damage changed to 55-105

Infinity Dungeon:
-added greeter who can take you to other floors in sf for water chips
-added greeter in outposts who can take you up or down for water chips

DR from luck crit chance should scale normly in Deathclaw-fixed "best" banker renesco exploit
-fixed player shops prices
-allow players set prices for currency in own shops
-fixed Deathclaw issues with DR/DT
-removed raiding events from VC

-fixed crashed hummer event
-fixed wrong currency on war event
-fixed some bugs with level-up gear
-fixed "somewhere" in trader event for locations: Fort Seth, Treasure Hunters Club, Wind of War

Patch 3.05

War Event
-Death system - respawn instatly after death
-Item reworks - keep items after death, no more random startup, less caps
-repair system - you can repair or add exp into your gear
-flags system - control flags to gain extra points
-buying soldiers by players - no more gm spawned mobs
-killing player showing who killed who and with what weapon
-on end of event you got stats of kills, deaths

-fixed priest bug
-allow players do dual logs
-fixed elder score
-fixed crafting scores
-fixed den bos bunkier exp machine - now it is ALWAYS in brotherhood currency
-fixed private mines prices
-doctor service cost in currency
-fixed paramedic FA/DOC bonus skill(must reroll)
-fixed Chosen one's traits(must reroll)
-perks should apear on every weapon
-Helmets doesnt get perks anymore
-Fixed lights in Hoover Dam.
-buying via dialog drugs cost in currency
-you can buy militia for currency
-removed active sensors from game
-fixed toggling motion sensor range 

-added new score for spending time in infinity dungeon
-changed lootdrop in infinity dungeon
-barter skill working again: Sell formula (500 + barter x 3)/1000 [50-95%], Buy formula (1450 - barter x 3)/1000 [100-145%]
-added bonus exp stacks for crafted stuff up to 250000 exp
-crafted items get perks without killing mobs
-Gave level check for Christine quest. Now you should be at least level 5 to take it.
-Mercs in Stephan's quest have more HP.
-Golden dollar costs 1500 caps for exchange now.
-The gate guard in Vegas asks you for 3 dollars instead of 2.
-Added a banker to Rockside. He will give basic explanations of currency system.
-Changed Abbey level 2.
-Changed TalChem last level. Now it has own Boss.
-Some changes in Unknown Signal: Abandoned Ship.
-Removed some loot crates from GR quests.
-Added a Ranger's quest. Can be taken from Roger in Hoover Dam.
-Fixed lights in Hoover Dam.
-Added some special tier weapons ( for now just in test mode only ) - Coilgun, Blastgun, M14, Raptor, Defender, Turbolaser Rifle.
-Added the first business - Tobacco business. Can be taken from Vulfus in Adytum ( he lives in his villa ).
-Some changes in prices ( Molotovs cost less, same goes for spiked knuckles and all T1 armors, some T3 weapons, on the other hand, cost a little bit more now ).
-Scoped on melee change to scoped and scoped on ranged change to life steal
-you dont need kill mob to get perks after crafting
-increased exp for quests in rockside
-Bankers have new dialog option 

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