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FOnline 3

FOnline 3 is new fallout 1/2 MMORPG game. Like in other FOnline games our goal it's survive and gather much as possible. But in this game roleplay fight between big NPCs faction will take main role, Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, NCR and Vault City will fight for dominate westeland. Based on FOnline: Aftertimes, improving what was good and removing that what was unplayble, in short slogan: less griding more playing.
Big thanks for worldmaker, Rotators, Fallout Nevada team and Reloaded team for sharing their sources.

Dynamic Balance

We gonna change a balance game to make game more alive.

Great Wars

Join Encalve, Brotherhood of Steel, Vault City or NCR to dominate new world. Who gonna win first war after Great War?

A lot of content

We have many dungeons, acticvies and stuff to do, you can recruit NPC followers, take control of town, fight on desert and many more!

Soon 1st October

If you want earlier get closed beta test access write application on Mail
if you want help in development or became a Game Master send application on